Magento (Adobe Commerce) Web Development Agency

As specialists in Adobe Commerce (previously Magento), we know the platform inside and out and we’re not fazed by a technical hurdle or two. In fact, we welcome them! From site migrations to custom development, recovery projects to internationalisation, we build, integrate and maintain eCommerce solutions designed to scale with your business.

Developing Your Magento Website

The success of your website build begins all the way back at the research and strategy stage. Finding out what we need to know, we can form a full functional specification that informs your full project from design to development.

Our approach to building websites is collaborative. Assigned a dedicated project manager, this person will be your main point of contact and will:

  • Provide progress updates
  • Communicate between each member of the project team
  • Make sure everything stays on track

Every project we work on is controlled via Git. This popular version control system tracks all codebase changes and allows the site to be developed by multiple people. Our approach allows us to see the progress across the whole project, providing you with a full, transparent view.

Magento Migration

When it comes to a Magento migration, there are three approaches we usually take:

  • Lift and shift: Essentially replicating the original website exactly as it is but on Magento.
  • Website rebuild:  Completely rebuilding your website from the ground up.
  • Accelerator:  If you require a new build but you have tighter timescales to meet, an Accelerator project could be the option for you. Taking you to market on Magento 2 in approximately 12 weeks, this approach can save time and money.

The route you take all comes back to what you want out of your website. Taking the stress out of the process, with our expert team of certified Magento developers, you’re in safe hands. It doesn’t matter what your project has in store, we can manage the work and minimise business disruption. If you’re thinking of progressing to Adobe Commerce, we’re here to walk you through it.

Custom Development

A one size fits all approach rarely works. That’s why we take a custom route to each and every one of our Magento web development projects. We provide custom Magento 2 development services such as coding, third party integrations and specified functionality – all based on your needs and wants. Our certified team of Magento web developers are equipped to build bespoke eCommerce solutions, leveraging the Adobe Commerce platform to meet your goals.

Adobe Commerce Accelerator

You know you need a new website, but timescales are tight. Today, there’s an ever-growing demand for businesses to get to market faster with a powerful eCommerce solution.

Making the move to Adobe Commerce in as little as 12 weeks, Accelerator shaves months off your timescales and saves you money on the build.

  • What is it? With Accelerator, we’ve already done the legwork for you. Combining our extensive experience of eCommerce projects with our in-depth knowledge of the platform, we’ve created a readymade solution that will speed up timescales and cut down costs.
  • What can you expect? Reduced build costs, a tailored design, third-party integrations, bespoke features, pre-built extensions – these are just some of the functionalities you can still expect from your Accelerator project.

Accelerator doesn’t limit what’s possible – it simply speeds up your project, reduces your costs and leaves room for future evolvement.

Magento Recovery Projects

We’re a trusted agency, held in high esteem within the Magento community. We regularly inherit recovery projects including incomplete websites, poor quality integrations, front-end development and back-end custom work to name just a few.

We give you confidence. As part of our recovery process, we perform a full website audit to fully understand your needs. We consider all aspects of your site with the aim to launch a revamped version to your original (if not improved) specification.

Third-Party Integrations

Top-quality, reliable integrations are a must for creating a high performing solution. A bad integration will undoubtedly result in a bad site – no matter how good it looks on the surface.

Specialists in complex, back-end development, we partner with many of the world’s leading technology platforms including Klarna, Nosto, Klevu and Yotpo. Integrating Magento with mainstream and custom third-party platforms, we’ll make your systems talk, creating a slicker onsite experience and smoother operations.

These eCommerce solutions provide everything you need from secure and flexible payment options, to enhanced site search, onsite customer advocacy, and even personalised shopping experiences, to deliver an enhanced user experience.

Web integration services

Code Audits

Your website is online 24/7 and visitors want it to work the way they expect whenever they visit. Even if your site launched with no hiccups, over time, as both customer expectations and technologies advance, there will be areas to improve upon to ensure consistent performance and general site health.

We consider a code audit a top priority. When you onboard with us, we’ll conduct a full code audit to quality check your website, offering a helping hand with technical consultancy, code profiling and performance optimisation to spot where changes need to be made. Always completed by a certified and experienced Magento developer, our extensive audit covers:

  • Set up of GIT repository
  • Quality of overall codebase
  • Quality of each extension
  • Review of infrastructure
  • Core hacks/use of bad practice
  • Code-based performance optimisation recommendations
  • Bottlenecks / historic issues with transactions
  • Patch / Security issues and recommendations
  • Review of extensions
  • A list of recommended actions

Expanding Your Reach With Internationalisation

Want to expand your global reach? We can help. Magento’s multi-store functionality allows you to manage multiple sites from a single dashboard so your website can scale with your business.

Flexible and adaptive, the platform supports language, currency, delivery, data and campaign management for each geography. We can tailor your site to each regional requirement while maintaining your brand presence across each region.

Magento Security Updates

Magento isn’t a hosted platform meaning we need to look after your updates, upgrades and hosting. Fortunately, we care about your security and take our responsibility seriously.

A priority when it comes to taking care of your eCommerce store and ensuring your customers are safe and secure online, without regular updates, your site could be vulnerable to exploitations.

Communicating new security releases to you, we maintain your site to the latest version of Adobe Commerce. Containing fixes, enhanced security measures and new functionality, updates are designed to make sure your site continues to perform the best it can.

Time To Test

Quality Assurance (QA) testing is a key part of our Magento website development phase. Forcing website issues to the surface before they’re live on your site, we ensure your customers never face these problems.

Launching a site that isn’t quite ready can cause irreparable damage to your brand. That’s why we test each feature once it has been deployed before conducting feature-level testing to ensure your site is in tip-top condition:

  • Robust specifications
  • Test cases
  • Test suites
  • Regression testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Negative Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Top Magento development company

One of only a few certified Professional Magento partners, we hold more certifications per-head than any other Magento development agency. We invest heavily in our people to ensure we stay at the top of our game and are qualified to handle any issues proactively to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

An award-winning eCommerce agency, our team of UK Magento developers proactively support the Adobe Commerce community. We’re home to not one but two Magento Top 50 contributors.



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