Research and Strategy

Do you have ambitions but you’re unsure how to achieve them?

We help you understand the opportunities and challenges of eCommerce. Digging for real business insight, we build strategic and easy to follow growth plans that will underpin your project. A specialist Magento Adobe Commerce agency, we can provide eCommerce guidance no matter the size of your business.

Harnessing Our Experience

Asking you the right questions gives us the right information. Our team holds impressive experience in working with Adobe Commerce websites and they know just the questions to ask.

Creating clear-cut roadmaps and digital strategies, our research ensures your business is equipped to reach your goals. Defining your requirements, we deliver a solution that is built on your unique needs and challenges.

How We Research And Strategise

Research is always our starting point. It underpins all that we do and exactly how we are going to do it. Whether you’re migrating to Adobe Commerce, need or design revamp or a whole new site build, our research and strategy processes bring together the work that needs to be done to reach your objectives.

ecommerce strategy

Building A Plan

The first stage of your project revolves around planning. Adding detail to each of your requirements, this is the time to commit to your project specification, build a project roadmap and begin planning design and development time.

This is a chance to really think about what your current website does for your business and what you want your new website to do. We want to know it all! That’s why we consider the bigger picture as well as the nitty-gritty details of your brand.

Our research includes:

  • Your brand
  • Your business
  • Your customers
  • Your existing website
  • Your industry



Eye-opening workshops underpin our research. Based on our extensive Magento Adobe Commerce experience and eCommerce knowledge, we add elements that are unique to your project, business and objectives.

Prior to our workshops taking place, we provide a list of questions allowing you to consider them in detail with the right people. Once this scoping has taken place, you can expect a functional specification to be delivered based on the output of the discovery process.

  • Kick-off
  • Prioritise
  • Talking to the stakeholders
  • Taking stock of the landscape
  • Getting to know your visitors
  • Content audit
  • Chatting with your audience

Your Approval

In order to launch your website on time and on budget, we need access to members of your team for QA testing and approvals. We find it works best involving key stakeholders in each project phase, including during the research and strategy.

Taking this approach reduces the number of revisions and bugs before and after launch, saving time and money for everyone.

Developing Your Strategy

Taking everything we’ve uncovered from our research, a bespoke road map is created that will act as a guiding hand towards your goals. When everyone’s happy with the strategy, our experts have the knowledge they need to bring your vision to life during the design and development phases.