Design and UX

Your brand is unique, and your website should reflect this. When it comes to eCommerce, our expert Design and UX team know what they’re doing. Considering devices, UX requirements, and taking the time to understand user behaviour, we collaborate with you. Your website needs to do more than just look good, it needs to perform. Defining key user journeys, we create custom solutions that generate results and stay true to your brand.

Discovery and Brand

Asking you the right questions gives us the right information. Years of eCommerce website design experience has seen us hone our discovery document designed to do just this.

This discovery process gives you the opportunity to share your goals, and us the opportunity to really get under the skin of your brand. We get to know you, understand what you stand for, where you sit in the market and realise your future potential. Aligning your brand and expectations, we take a realistic, informed approach to design.

Research and Analysis

We combine competitor research, customer data, and the latest eCommerce trends. Analysing your competitors, we understand how you compete, what makes you different, and uncover where improvements would make your brand even stronger in the online marketplace.

Wire-Framing and Prototyping

Prototypes bring our designs to life. They also allow us to test UX functionality ahead of development, making sure our designs not only look perfect but react perfectly too. This collaborative phase is your opportunity to provide extensive feedback, reducing changes and delays as the project advances.

UX and UI Design

More than just a visual, the best website designs consider the user experience and the user interface as one. As a Magento web design agency, that’s why our UI concepts are created with the UX journey in mind.

Taking research and analysis together with eCommerce trends, we understand how customers interact with your brand, improving UX to encourage conversion while also considering functionality and UI psychology.

Design QA Testing

Our QA testing covers both technical and design quality. We evaluate the final look to ensure the finished product is authentically you and gives your brand the justice it deserves.