Introducing Accelerator for Magento by Pinpoint

If your eCommerce platform is limiting your brand’s growth, doesn’t provide a secure and stable solution and is unable to deliver a personalised experience for your users, it could be time to migrate to an eCommerce solution that is better suited to your requirements.

Maybe you’re considering a move to Magento 2, but the build time and cost is more than you hoped. This is where Accelerator by Pinpoint can help. Taking your business to market on Magento 2 in as little as 12 weeks, we designed our exclusive Accelerator to shave months off your project timescale while saving you money on the build. What’s not to love?

What is Accelerator?

Accelerator is built to migrate eCommerce stores to Magento 2 so they can leverage the power of the platform yet launch a Magento site faster (and cheaper) than before.

We’ve already done the legwork for you, combining our extensive experience of eCommerce projects with in-depth knowledge of the Magento platform to create a readymade solution that will kickstart, speed up and reduce the cost of your project.

Here’s what you can expect from your Accelerator project:

A tailored, branded design

Every merchant needs a store that not only performs but looks good too. Just like your brand, your website should be unique, and this is something that can still be achieved with Accelerator.

With multiple templates to choose from including four product pages, four headers, six footers and 15 homepage layouts, we can create an on-brand site design, quite literally tailored to your business.

Reduced build cost

Because we’ve already done the legwork, you benefit from a significantly reduced build cost and reduced development time, meaning you can go to market faster. Our Accelerator projects typically start at around £40k with cost of required integrations added on top of this.

Numerous pre-built extensions

To ensure your site offers all the functionality you need, and your customers want, we’ve pre-built numerous extensions which are available as standard with Accelerator. These include:

  • Carousel and banner managers
  • SEO site map generator
  • Mega menu manager
  • Site search features
  • Lazy loading for faster load speed
  • Page performance optimiser
  • Enhanced eCommerce for Google Analytics
  • Block scheduler for content management
  • Payment gateways such as Klarna, Braintree and PayPal

Ready to go third party integrations

You’ll also be geared up, ready to easily integrate with market-leading third-party solutions such as Klarna, Klevu, Nosto and Yotpo to provide superior site search, personalisation, payment solutions and reviews to name but a few.

The option for bespoke functionality

Designed to get you to market faster, with Accelerator, you still have the ability to add a layer of bespoke functionality such as pre-order features to deliver a new site that will meet your objectives.

Is an Accelerator project right for you?

eCommerce has seen huge changes to consumer shopping behaviour in 2020. Today, there is an ever-growing demand for businesses to get to market faster and make the most of the demand for online shopping.

While Accelerator enables you to do just that, there are still times when a bespoke build will be the better option for a project. We’ve built Accelerator to provide choice, but if you require specific functionality, we may still recommend building your site based on what you need from the get-go.

If you’d like to know more about whether Accelerator may be appropriate for your web project, our Magento specialists will be more than happy to have a chat and provide advice.

Why Magento 2?

How do you know which eCommerce solution is right for your business? There are many available but, for us, it’s all about Magento. Offering second to none security, stability and flexibility, this powerful platform is built for eCommerce enabling merchants to trade online with ease.

Boasting countless improvements from previous versions, Magento 2 offers:

  • Flexibility and freedom to scale: A futureproofed option for your eCommerce business, you can scale your website with your brand. Capable of region expansion, a host of internationalisation features allow you to manage multiple stores across a range of countries. Magento’s component-based build structure means developers can enable or disable whichever components are necessary to enhance site flexibility and performance.
  • Mobile-friendly eCommerce: Without a mobile-friendly site, your conversions and performance will be hindered. Magento 2’s responsive design layouts, cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility make it easy to create a mobile-friendly eCommerce store ensuring the best experience, however your users choose to browse.
  • Impressive site speed: Page speed is a key part of creating a positive user experience. Magento 2’s improvements have seen load speeds increase by, on average, 20 percent faster than Magento 1.
  • Safe and secure: Shoppers expect a secure website and with increased competition online, it’s important to always instil trust in your customers. Magento 2 is more secure than ever with developers constantly updating the platform to safeguard merchants and shoppers against cybercrime.
  • World class integrations: There are now over 2,000 features and extensions available for Magento 2 that are easier than ever to install and use. We’re also partner to some of the world’s leading third-party extensions including Klarna, Yotpo, Adyen and Klevu, all of which are designed to take your website’s performance to the next level.

Our Accelerator projects

Brands want a solution that helps them keep ahead of the game, delivering a memorable and future proofed eCommerce store. We’ve already supported numerous brands including Double Two, Green Reaper and Iconic Watches with Accelerator projects that achieve just this.

If you want to find out more about our Accelerator service and if it could be the right fit for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.