Magento Recovery Projects

Due to the level of complexity associated with Magento, it’s fairly common for projects to have issues – particularly if you’re working with a team of developers or project managers that are inexperienced with the platform. Examples of issues we’ve inherited as part of recovery projects include incomplete or poor quality integrations with third-party systems, pre-launch snagging lists, front-end development work, custom back-end work and much more.

Our process for taking on a project begins with an initial discovery piece, which gives us an idea of the amount of work required to get the store launched to the original specification.

As part of this process, we spend time with you; going through the requirements and performing a full audit of the Magento store, covering all front-end and back-end code and any integrations. Once we’ve completed the code or requirements audit, we create an itemised time estimate around each feature requirement, which would then form our quote and allow you to prioritise and de-prioritise requirements.