Top 10 Magento Plug-Ins

Magento’s e-commerce platform is one of the most popular in the world, partially thanks to the fact it comes with a wide range of different extensions that is increasing by the day thanks to its open source format.

Magento’s extensions make it a platform that is extremely versatile and can offer a lot to users who are looking for a high quality solution. So, let’s take a look at our favourite extensions.


Looking for a high quality solution to invoices, well this extension by Invoicera is ideal for those who want to create and send invoices in real time. The extension allows invoices to be sent as soon as the order is placed and makes it a lot easier to keep tabs on the product and customer information and collate data correctly and to the right accounts.

Remerce CMS Meta Robots

One of the biggest problems for ecommerce stores is duplicate content problems. After all there are a lot of products that are almost exactly the same, with only incremental changes. This extension can be a great help and addresses the issues by re-setting Robot Meta Tags of your CMS pages easily.

Google Maps Store Locator

Do you have store locations in a number of different areas? Well, if you do then you can reconfigure it by adding this extension. This allows you the chance to show your different stores online and all you have to do is enter their navigation details.


Simply titled and simply added. This extension allows you to add a blog to your Magento store and add additional content whenever you require, which is of benefit for a number of marketing reasons.

Advanced Sitemap

Another aid for SEO and navigation purposes, the advanced site map feature is a great extension for taking care of those on page issues and is very easy to use.

IDEALIAGroup Lightbox

This light box is ready to use and looks fantastic and allows you to showcase your products on Magento in an attractive format that can really add to your site.

Affiliate Pro Connector

Those who run an affiliate program from their Magento site will love this extension. It makes the whole tracking process a lot easier and allows you a good overview of the clicks and sales on your affiliate network.

IW PayPal Standard Currencies

Do you run a worldwide business with orders from all edges of the globe? This great extension allows you to add all the currencies that PayPal supports to your store and the admin panel makes it easy for customers to change and translate money from one currency to another.


Accounting can be a real pain for those of us who have to deal with ecommerce orders and this great integration from QuickBooks makes the whole process a lot smoother.

Refer a Friend

Increase clientele with this addition and encourage people to refer friends to your network.

These 10 add-ons are a great assistance and should be considered by anyone who uses a Magento Store.

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