Introducing One Step Checkout for Magento

Improving your checkout process is one of the pivotal ways to improve your conversion rate and increase sales. In fact, it’s the single most effective way to increase it.

The psychology here is quite simple – by reducing the number of steps it takes to purchase an item, you reduce the incidence of cart abandonment and increase conversions. A lot of the ecommerce sites we create in Magneto use the platforms standard check out process.

Six Steps

However, the thing about this process is that it’s a six step one and so relatively long. One of the best ways we’ve seen of increasing conversion rates is by introducing One Step Checkout, which reduces the process from a six step one to a single step one. OSC removes the unnecessary questions and so reduces the amount of information a user has to provide. This will be more likely to increase conversions and ultimately sales.

In addition, One Step Checkout uses a simple to customise interface that doesn’t require a web developer to set up or change. The software is easily customisable and it’s very easy to modify and tweak your checkout page to look exactly the way you want – something that goes down well with a lot of people. In addition, there is also a set-up facility, where One Step Checkout will install the extension on your Magneto site for free.

There are a number of versions to suit your needs too, allowing you the opportunity to utilise the version that best suits you, your customer’s needs and your business.

The Results

Of course, you’ll want to see the figures regarding the conversion rates and a case study from shows the difference in conversion rate. According to the study, there was an increase in people checking out and rates rose from 16% to 43% conversions and increase of 169% with the implementation of the One Step Checkout software.

The extension supports most popular payment methods and with Magneto in any country. It also supports additions such as boxes for coupons gift messages, comments, instructions, quick surveys and terms and conditions. Of course, all of this is completely responsive and works with designs for mobile and web audiences.

One Step Checkout also uses GeoIP technology, which reads customer’s IP addresses and then provides them with information for that specific company – helping speed up and also eases the checkout process. It’s also available in a range of languages and allows users to change to preferred language at the checkout.

Don’t Forget the A/B Testing

Of course, like any change to a website, One Step Checkout requires A/B testing. As we all know what works for one company may not always work for another one. However, we’ve seen quite significant success using the software with Magneto stores and see it as a significant improvement on the stock offering.

One Step Checkout is certainly an extension that’s worth considering if you have a Magneto store and with over 19,000 users worldwide utilising it happily, the numbers seem to speak for themselves.