The Power of Magento

Magento is the webs fastest growing web platform and also one of its most versatile, simply because it’s the ideal mix of function and affordability and power.

Like WordPress, Magento is open source and so offers a wide range of options. This also means that it can offer a little something to everyone and if a tool doesn’t exist, it can be created. In short, it works as well for small businesses ecommerce needs as it does for large international chains.

Rich in Features

The sheer vastness of the options available in Magento makes it the perfect solution for most businesses looking for an ecommerce solution. The platform is rich in specialised tools – an area that not all ecommerce solutions are strong in.

Magento also works well with many of the most popular third party sites and services that are used to run business online. It’s effective with Google, many email systems, databases such as MySQL and payment such as PayPal. It also integrates with shipping services and affiliate solutions and is well and truly a comprehensive solution to most ecommerce needs.

Built in Options

It also has a number of much needed integrated features and even includes its own SEO features, as well as marketing tools. Products can be reviewed, rated and wish lists can also be created, meaning it provides features most other ecommerce platforms don’t offhand or you have to pay extra for.

Of course, for those with a number of businesses Magento is also ideal as it allows them to run numerous different stores from the one back end interface. This can all be controlled from the one admin panel and is a neat, tidy and logical way of managing your site and something that many appreciate as it’s not available on alternative ecommerce solutions.

Open Source

The fact that the site is open source means that new products, services and features are constantly being developed for it by developers and designers. This means that support is strong and fixes to problems arrive quickly and steadily. This community like aspect is something many appreciate and also means that Magento is constantly being honed and improving. When compared to other solutions and even its predecessors it is an increasingly tight piece of software.

This open source aspect also means that it allows you to customise your site and so create a distinct almost bespoke feel. This means that businesses can create something not only very functional, but also very distinct and attractive to fit their needs.

Magento is really and truly a comprehensive solution for businesses of all sizes and shapes and it’s completely understandable why everyone from small business to the likes of Gap and The North Face use it as their solution of choice.

At Pinpoint Designs, we have developed multiple Magento stores for our clients. If you’d like to discuss a Magento ecommerce site with us, please get in touch!