Specialised Covers

Specialised covers manufacture bespoke car covers for cars of every make and model. They are a market leading brand with over thirty years of heritage, and they are currently partnered with some of the automotive industry’s most prestigious marques.

Our Task

Specialised covers make every product to order, and most of their designs need to be heavily customised by the customer before production. This means that the Specialised covers site has to facilitate a relatively complicated multi-step buying process, while retaining the accessibility and ease-of-use that customers expect from a modern web platform.

Since the current site simply wasn’t cutting it, we were tasked with redesigning everything from the ground up: upgrading to the very latest version of Magento, implementing a fully responsive design for mobile users, and overhauling the customer experience to ensure that the client could trust their site to convert.

What We Did

When we first started work on this project, we prioritised the multi-step buying process; brainstorming different ideas before settling on a solution that was intuitive and detailed enough to ensure that customers could quickly order their chosen product.

Once this was done, we focused on upgrading to Magento 1.9 and implementing an attractive design. We also built a custom stock and order management system that allowed the company to manage their resources from one portal.

This system tracked each order through the manufacturing process; depleting stock where necessary, and emailing the customer whenever a milestone was reached. It also allowed the sales team to generate heavily customised reports, and, in doing so, ensured that Specialised Covers had a much better idea of the demand that was being placed on their resources.

Once the site had been constructed by our in-house Magento specialists, we finished things off by constructing a series of extra landing-pages that were designed to enhance the PPC and SEO campaigns that we are currently running for specialised covers.


Because the brief demanded heavy customisation, we built Specialised Covers’ site using Magento CE 1.9.2. This build of Magento is incredibly stable, and features an automated function testing framework that allowed us to experiment with different builds and modules while we built.

Because Magento community Edition is the most heavily used version of Magento, there is also plenty of user-generated information on performance optimisation i n circulation. This meant that we could guarantee Specialised Covers the performance that they desired from their website.

“Specialised Covers came to Pinpoint after having a number of bad experiences in the past, and struggling to trust an agency with our project. Lewis and his team have restored our faith in creative agencies, and working with them has been a great experience. Being both effective and supportive in what they do has allowed us to develop both a custom front end and back of house system. We are confident these changes will allow us to grow our company and, with Pinpoint’s help, increase our digital presence.”
Katie Fishwick, Specialised Covers

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