My Next Box

Launch of online business

The Project

Inspiring businesses to refurbish, reuse, and recover IT assets, My Next Box are passionate about developing a more sustainable world. Ready to expand their successful offline and marketplace business, they turned to team Pinpoint to build their first website - a true eCommerce experience, powered by Magento.

To take My Next Box to the next level, ensure future-readiness and access the latest functionality, newly launched Magento 2 Open Source was selected for the build. We put our Magento credentials to the test with the design and build of a custom, high-performing site.

Building in Magento 2

Choosing to build in Magento 2 early after its introduction created wealth of opportunity and raft of challenges. Spearheading adoption, the team were able to get familiar with Magento 2’s new features and functionality. There were a number of core bugs to overcome, multiple Magento upgrades to deal with, and compatible extensions not yet available. Taking it in our stride, we implemented greater levels of bespoke functionality as needed.

"My Next Box approached us after successfully growing their business through external marketplaces. Working closely with their internal team, we built My Next Box a new website, fully integrated with their existing, external marketplaces. As a result, the brand has been able to expand into new markets, accelerating their growth and performance further."

Lewis Sellers, Managing Director at Pinpoint

Third-Party Integrations

With a strong presence across Amazon and eBay, slick third-party integrations that enhance user experience were essential. M2E Pro was used for this, but subject to a complete extension overhaul between Magento 1 and Magento 2 releases, extra hurdles had to be jumped for a smooth integration.

My Next Box’ product listings are typically one-offs, and a robust stock management system was needed to cope with that. IQ Reseller was the system of choice, but without an out-of-the-box integration available, a custom build was our only option.

To support customer advocacy, trust and loyalty for this brand-new build site, Trust Pilot was also integrated, promoting My Next Box’ established market position alongside their evolving eCommerce presence.

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