The Green Reaper

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

The project

One of the UK's preferred suppliers of gardening equipment, The Green Reaper, needed a cost-effective solution to take their store from M1 to M2. Previously on Magento 1, The Green Reaper’s biggest barrier was the cost of building a new Magento 2 website. With Magento 1 going end-of-life in June 2020, the need to migrate their website was immediate.

Utilising our Accelerator service, we could deliver their new site at almost half the cost of a typical M2 migration project.

Enabling the move to Magento 2 with Accelerator

Designed to shave months off project timescales and save significantly on the build cost, Accelerator by Pinpoint enabled the move to Magento 2. This approach allowed The Green Reaper to leverage the power of the latest platform capabilities delivered through a cost-effective solution. 

To ensure their old site remained stable and secure, we managed the period between Magento 1 end-of-life, and the new site being launched. We worked to carry across their customer, order and product information into the new site, ensuring the seamless and undisruptive transition of data. 

Enabling us to keep development costs down, we used WeltPixel’s Pearl Theme. The Green Reaper had a multitude of pre-built page templates to choose from, meaning every single page on their site didn’t need to be built from scratch – we simply customised the templates in line with the team’s requirements. 

Fulfilling drop shipping requirements

Supporting The Green Reaper’s drop shipping requirements was crucial to project success. With our Accelerator, we could layer additional requirements on top of the built-in functionality. 

We made it possible for all actions to be automated and completed in the background when an order is received. Once the supplier acknowledges the order and provides a tracking number, the order status is automatically updated to ‘Processing’. 

Improving processes with integrations

Integrations were implemented to ensure the accurate syncing of orders, stock, fulfilment and returns. In addition, we integrated a shipping rates table extension and an Amasty extension to support The Green Reaper’s advanced promotions requirements.

To provide a better user experience, we introduced Trustpilot, a customer service helpdesk and made use of Accelerator’s Elastic search extension which offers greater functionality than standard Magento search.

All the benefits of our Accelerator service

With Accelerator, we’ve already done the leg work and The Green Reaper were able to reap all the benefits of that.  

Countless UX improvements were made to The Green Reaper’s new site. We enhanced mobile friendliness, created custom categories and custom product pages to form an easier shopping experience and we also added scheduling capabilities. 

From March to July YOY, The Green Reaper have seen:
  • Slurp

  • Leeds United