Started from the bottom, now we’re here

Pinpoint Designs is a web agency with one heck of a story. From humble beginnings to becoming one of the most reputable website agencies in the game, this digital agency is no stranger to accelerated growth and continuous evolvement in a fast-paced landscape.  

Formed in 2013, we were born through the culmination of years of experience as an online retailer, plenty of mistakes, and a thirst to be better. Now, 11 years later, we’re embarking on our next journey.  

So, where did it all begin? 

One man, oodles of Chinese Lanterns and a healthy dash of ambition. 

Lewis Sellers, our MD, first dipped his toe into the world wide web selling Chinese lanterns online. Starting on eBay it became apparent quickly that the venture required its own site, eventually settling on Magento to help propel the business. After several years of growth, Lewis sold the business and set sail on his next venture.  

It was time to take this hands-on experience and build a specialist Magento agency from the ground up.  

And just like that, Pinpoint was born. 

The growth years 

With a steep learning curve ahead, the transition from an online retailer to an esteemed web agency was never going to be easy. But, with a dedicated team and a whole heap of determination, we were destined to succeed.  

Fast-forward four years and our agency was fast becoming a renowned player in the web development space. Going from strength to strength, we quickly attracted the attention of digital agency group, idhl.  

In 2017, idhl officially announced their latest acquisition, adding our expertise to their growing roster of agencies. Complimenting their existing brands, this move signified their commitment to offering a broad scope of web development options for clients. 

idhl’s CEO at the time, Dennis Engel, commented, “We’re delighted to welcome Pinpoint Designs into the Group. This extends our product portfolio and ability to service our clients’ ever-broadening needs. 

“We are looking forward to helping Pinpoint continue and expedite its current organic growth. IDHL Group is primed to couple its infrastructure with the technical expertise and reputation that Pinpoint brings.” 

With Lewis adding, “We are really looking forward to accelerating our growth with the help of IDHL. They have strong infrastructure and a platform that can really benefit an agency like ours.”  

Since then, we’re not too humble to say we’ve seen tremendous growth. From working with household-name brands to delivering award-winning work, the last seven years have been nothing if not extraordinary for our team. 

The next chapter 

Now, with nine agencies under the idhl name, the wheels of change are in motion once more. idhl recently announced its plan to supercharge its position in the market, bringing all its agencies into one new, fully integrated agency.  

Over the coming months, Pinpoint, Ampersand, NetConstruct, Statement, equation, Conesso, WMG and Ingenuity Digital will bring their experience under one roof, marking the next wave of change in the digital marketing space.