NEW: Magento Extension for Amazon Sales Channels and Google Shopping

A brand new, shiny feature has been added to Magento, granting integration with Amazon Sales Channels and Google Shopping ads. Magento, an Adobe platform, announced the launch at Imagine 2019 with the focus on expanding the platform’s reach for small and midsize businesses. This latest update will help clients react to changing needs and improve experiences based on insights.

What does all this mean for you?

The main aim of these updates is to allow you to orchestrate the end-to-end experiences delivered across all channels resulting in better user experience.


By integrating with the world’s largest marketplace, barriers to entry are being removed for businesses making it simple, easy and quick to integrate online catalogues and manage listings from their Magento administration. This gives merchants the freedom to manage and maintain their Amazon inventory through the Magento backend. Want to know what’s even better? Access to this new feature is available to Magento users through a free extension now available in the Magento Marketplace.


Another free extension coming your way…Magento also launched an integration with Google Shopping. Similarly to the addition of Amazon Sales Channels, users of Magento will be capable of managing their Google ads and marketing campaigns all from the comfort of their Magento dashboard. Utilising tools that you are familiar with to expand reach and allow seamless management between the two.

Reducing integration costs, streamlining management of inventories to save you time, money and resources. All while improving your customer’s shopping experiences.