Magento Imagine Awards – Shortlisted for ‘Best eCommerce Launch’

One of Our Websites Has Been Shortlisted For a Magento Imagine Award!

Every year, Magento host their Imagine Excellence awards to celebrate the innovative use of their market-leading eCommerce platform. These awards recognise a number of different achievements, and are designed to showcase work from some of the industry’s most talented agencies.

This year, we’ve been shortlisted for “Best eCommerce Launch“for the work we did on The Discovery Store’s new site, which launched on the 3rd of November, 2015.

We’re particularly proud of this nomination because we built the Discovery Store’s site from the ground up; undertaking everything from the original design work to the implementation of custom features such as a seamless, automatically re-scaling product grid.

And the launch of the Discovery Store’s new site really did drive some fantastic growth. The site’s simpler layout resulted in an instant uplift in the number of page views per visit, and an 18% increase in average time on page which translated into a substantial increase in overall sales.

Thanks to the implementation of effective technical SEO techniques, a complete overhaul of the site’s category structure and the execution of a pre-launch marketing campaign, organic sessions also increased by 53.17% after launch. Although growth like this isn’t unprecedented, it does mark a dramatic and substantial shift in the site’s popularity which should continue to pay off throughout 2016.

Hopefully, all of this hard work will be recognised at the upcoming awards ceremony. Fingers crossed!