What is ShipperHQ?

Our shipping experience management platform of choice, ShipperHQ, helps brands manage shipping-based pricing, promotions and delivery options. Supported by top platforms including Magento, this integration provides holistic control over your shipping functionalities from checkout all the way through to the post-purchase experience. As an official Magento Technology Partner, ShipperHQ is the only rating-focused UPS provider within the whole Magento ecosystem.

Serving businesses of all sizes, this third-party provider is trusted by innovative, global brands including Cadbury and Hilton helping them drive sales with a customised, seamless shipping experience. Whether your shipping needs are simple or complex, we can integrate this solution empowering you to provide the shipping options your customers want.

The Shipper HQ enhanced checkout has recently launched, this PWA enabled checkout is currently exclusive to Magento 2 and provides a whole host of features including:

  • Improved shipping choices: Expanded support has been added allowing for convenient delivery options included click and collect, time slot delivery and calendar date selection.
  • Amazon style checkout: The addition of the Amazon style split shipping checkout allows for extra flexibility and control giving customers the ability to choose their preferred delivery options for each individual shipment.
  • Fast integration: An out-of-the-box solution allows for fast integration delivering a fully responsive checkout experience with instant rate returns and minimal maintenance.
  • Full control and customisation: Enjoy full control and customisation of your website’s checkout experience without added additional development time or cost giving you the tools to provide the shopping options your customers want.

How does ShipperHQ work?

ShipperHQ has a clear aim of developing a powerful shipping management tool to make the lives of you and your customers easier. This third-party partner offers a wide range of shipping applications currently used by tens of thousands of merchants around the world. Providing the tools to customise your shipping and checkout experience, generate more sales and exceed customer expectations with the shipping rates and delivery methods your customers want.

Our partnership with ShipperHQ

Since 2011, ShipperHQ has been an official Magento Technology Partner with their experience earning them the recognition as a Magento Platinum Industry Partner. Our recommended shipping management solution, ShipperHQ is easily integrated with Magento 2. As an official partner, we have integrated this third-party solution to support merchants including Charlies in delivering a flexible, customisable and comprehensive checkout experience. For more information on how ShipperHQ could benefit your online store, reach out to us today.