We’ve been nominated for a Magento Imagine Excellence Award!

We’re incredibly proud to announce that Pinpoint has been shortlisted for the Best Commerce Launch award at this year’s Magento Imagine. It’s always great to be recognised for our hard work, but it means even more when it’s Magento themselves that have selected us. This is the second time that we’ve been nominated for this award, and we’re looking forward to seeing how we fare against this year’s competition!

The Imagine Excellence awards are an annual event, hosted at the end of Magento’s 3 day conference in Las Vegas. It’s probably one of the most important events in the digital calendar, and it’s definitely the main focus for most dedicated Magento agencies.

The Best Commerce Launch award is designed to celebrate particularly great Magento launches, including launches that have driven a big boost in on-site conversions, or launches that have resulted in a large increase in online exposure.

We’ve been nominated for our work on the Custom Plugs website. Launched in just 71 days, this complete site redesign was undertaken to help Custom Plugs migrate away from Shopify+. The redesign involved overhauling the core user journey to improve conversion rates and better showcase Custom Plug’s really unique product offering. We were also tasked with creating a much more elaborate setup behind the scenes; allowing the guys over at Custom Plugs to manage multiple international web-stores from a single admin panel, and also integrating modules that would allow them to improve the picking, packing and shipping process.

And we’re really proud of what we achieved: The client’s thrilled with the site’s design, and we’ve seen a 28.46% increase in revenue since the launch. We’ve also seen a 33% increase in overall on-site conversion rate, which goes to show that we have managed to significantly improve the user journey.

We hope that all this is enough to win us an award, but we know the competition will be tough, so keep your fingers crossed for us!