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Magento is used by over 200,000 merchants worldwide, we can help to design, build, maintain and promote your business online.

Why Use Magento?

Magento is the fastest growing eCommerce platforms in the world, with more than 26% of the top 1m eCommerce websites using Magento CE. It is used by some of the largest brands around the world due to its scalability, flexibility and amazing feature set straight out of the box.

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Magento Community Edition (CE)

Completely free and open source, which means there are no annual license fees, restrictions on the code base and complete control over your own data.

Magento Enterprise Edition (EE)

For larger merchants who have large product catalogs or high sales volumes. Fundamentally, it’s much faster than the community edition and comes with a wider feature set. There is an annual fee associated with EE, which covers updates and an SLA with Magento.

Why Choose Us?

We could quote our analytical approach, our holistic mindset or our commitment to making data-driven decisions...

The best bit is definitely the fact that we actually carry out the work ourselves though. All of our campaigns are hand-built, and we never employ freelancers if our team of dedicated experts can do the job in-house.

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