eCommerce Strategy

Do you have business goals but you’re unsure how to achieve them? Or, maybe you need help developing an eCommerce strategy? Our eCommerce website consultants harness real business insight to build a strategic growth plan featuring an action list to help you stay on track. As a specialist eCommerce agency, we provide eCommerce guidance no matter the size of your business. Our custom consultancy services mean we can collaborate, creating eCommerce growth strategies that push you ahead of the competition.

Reporting and Analysis

Has your site traffic declined? Are you struggling to convert customers on mobile? Do you want to increase your average order value? With the right data, it’s possible to make this happen and our strategies always start with data. We want to understand your customers and their needs, analysing how they use your website to maximise conversions and accelerate your business growth. We draw recommendations from your custom-built report, tailored specifically to your business needs and budgets to achieve growth.

User Experience Audit

User experience can make or break a website. But how do you improve your website’s usability? Our UX audit is a simple way to understand what’s working and what just isn’t. We combine data with testing to identify what is damaging the user journey. The result? A series of suggested improvements for your website, each designed to refine your site’s UX.

Website Merchandising

Connect your customers with the products they want, fast. We use our expertise to identify potential bestsellers, providing optimisation recommendations to maximise margins, trending stock and sales. Considering email sign-ups, return rates, product run-rates and the ins and outs of your website merchandising, our we’re are equipped to enhance your website experience. Have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered! We collaborate with you to take the guesswork out of web merchandising.

Heatmaps and Session Recording

Want to know which areas of your site users engage with most? How about find out where your conversion barriers are? With heatmaps, you can. Using heatmaps and session recordings, we analyse user behaviour to inform A/B testing.

Session recordings tell us what users click, how long they spend on a page, where the pain points are and where they exit. We focus on the analysis, making recommendations to you, so you can focus on making decisions.

A/B Testing

Audiences behave differently and not all users shop in the same way. A/B testing compares one-page design, email or app against another so we can optimise based on the best performer. Whether we’re designing or developing your website, we’ll always combine data and user research with best practice and our years of experience to ensure your website is performing at its best.

User Testing

Unsure why your website is underperforming? User testing provides feedback from the people who matter most: your customers. We consider your business, your needs and your audience, enlisting user testers to complete a series of tasks that will identify your website’s pain points. We’re skilled at pulling out the insight, making recommendations to support your strategy.

Strategy Days and Growth Plans

It’s easy to lose sight of your long-term goals. Having a strategy in place helps keep your brand in its lane. Strategy Days provide a chance to chat about your business ensuring we think and work as one team towards a shared goal. We consider your strengths and weaknesses, annual targets, competitors and barriers to understand what your next steps could be, creating a bespoke plan to get your business where you want it to be.

Email List Growth

Your website is your biggest data capture tool. Use it! Email marketing helps you speak directly to your customers. We can implement an email growth strategy that combines effective site placement, subscriber tactics and promotions to build your database.