We looked into a wide range of options when we were deciding on the CMS to use for our clients website development. After much deliberation, we decided that MODx CMS was one of the best.

Content management systems (CMS) give you complete control over what you put up on your website, allowing you to update text, photos are more with ease and speed at any time. A good CMS allows you to update your content as you wish and allows you freedom and control. After a lot of research any trying out other systems, we found that MODx offers a number of benefits and extras that others didn’t and that’s why we use it.

Why we use the Modx CMS

Security is a concern for many of us with websites and a breach can lead to all sorts of problems you don’t want to imagine. We feel MODx offers the best protection for keeping your website safe from hacking and potential security problems.


MODx also has a wide range of add-ons that can really benefit your site. These are easily installed and upgraded and can be added to complete websites without any worries of issues. The software is used by thousands of the biggest brands across the web due to its robust, high quality status.


The fact MODx is easy to work with means we can offer our customers innovative, creative websites we just couldn’t do with other platforms simvastatin 80 mg. This creative freedom allows us to excel and you to fulfil your vision of what your site should be.


We all know how important SEO is to a business and Modx CMS allows you the opportunity to have 100% control of what’s on the site and also how it is set up for search engine optimisation. This means that you can fly up those SERPs with the right combination. And if you need to change anything it can be easily done with merely a few clicks in the backend of the site.

Open Source

MODx CMS is also open source, this means that there are developments all the time in its design and so this means more options, better resources and overall a better quality site for you. It also means that development costs are usually less as we don’t need to purchase additional license costs.

MODx also allows for a number of other advanced features that other CMS’s just can’t compete with. These can all significantly benefit you and your site, making MODx out content management system of choice.

If you’ve any questions regards Modx or how it can benefit you, just contact us using the contact form at the top of the page.