Why is Magento 2 the right solution for your eCommerce store?

Is your current eCommerce solution limiting your brand’s ability to grow, deliver personalised experiences to your customers or not providing the security and flexibility you need? Magento 2 could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

No two businesses are the same, which means there’s no one size fits all solution. With so many platforms available, how do you know which one is right for you? Identifying the solution that provides the power, security, scalability and ease of use can be a minefield! For us? It’s all about Magento. This flexible and powerful open-source eCommerce solution is the only platform we build in. Here’s why it could be right for your business…

Why Magento 2?

Catering to B2B and B2C business alike, Magento enables merchants to sell customisable products online while handling the complexities of the Commerce world. With consistent updates, releases and improvements (we’re already on version 2.2.3!), Magento powers more than 260,000 businesses worldwide and is the Gartner Quadrant leader for digital commerce platforms 2019. And it’s easy to see why:

Flexible and scalable

Using Magento 2, merchants have the support, flexibility and freedom to scale making it a futureproof option for your eCommerce business. Building in Magento offers a component-based build structure providing developers with the freedom to enable or disable whichever components they choose, enhancing site flexibility and performance.

Magento supports expansion. Evolving, growing and adapting with your business, this solution is capable of expanding into further regions. Internationalisation features allow you to manage multiple stores across a range of countries, languages and currencies, and provides several worldwide shipping options too such as ShipperHQ.

The future is mobile

We’re in the era of Mobile Commerce. By 2021, it’s estimated that approximately 50 percent of online sales will come from mobile shopping. If your site is not mobile-friendly, it’s likely to hinder performance and conversions. Magento provides responsive design layouts alongside cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility, making it simple to create a mobile-friendly eCommerce store. No matter how your users browse, you can rest assured knowing your site is always performing at its best.

Out-of-the-box features

With Magento 2, you can quickly build a fully-fledged, user-friendly eCommerce store through the wealth of out-of-the-box features available. Tools including site management, order management, SEO, marketing suite, secure checkout solutions, and personalisation, provide ease of use, making the back end and front-end experiences equally manageable and enjoyable.

How fast?

As we know, page speed plays an important role in creating a positive user experience and retaining customers. Google reported that 53 percent of website visits are likely to be abandoned if pages take longer than three seconds to load, while one out of two people expect a page to load in two seconds or less!

Page load speed has massively improved with Magento 2, with it being, on average, 20 percent faster than Magento 1. Speed is one of the primary user requirements of website, with improvements helping to increase the overall performance of Magento 2.


Security is one of, if the not the most important, concern for you and your customers. Magento 2 is more secure than ever, with developers constantly updating the platform’s security to safeguard against advanced cyber threats. We would always advise businesses to stay informed regarding updates and available versions, ensuring your website is protected by the most recent security releases.

Naturally, customers expect a secure website to shop on, and with cyber-attacks regularly occurring across the eCommerce community, it’s become even more important to instil trust in your users through a safe online store. Magento’s out-of-the-box features help mitigate the risk of anything bad happening to your website; these features include but are not limited to:

  • Site security and futureproofing
  • Customisable and extensible solution
  • Open, flexible architecture
  • Simplified two-step checkout
  • User-friendly admin experience
  • Mobile friendly eCommerce development with PWA Studio

Leading third-party integrations

Leverage Magento’s huge Extensions Marketplace to provide additional functionalities and feature-rich capabilities. There are now over 2,000 features and extensions available for Magento 2 that are easier to install and use than ever before. As specialists in Magento, we also partner with some of the world’s leading third-party organisations. With our expertise, you can seamlessly integrate extensions including Yotpo, Klarna, Klevu, Adyen and Nosto to take your website’s performance to the next level. These eCommerce solutions provide everything you need from secure and flexible payment options, to enhanced site search, onsite customer advocacy, and even personalised shopping experiences.

PWA Studio

Following the significant growth of internet browsing across mobile, the way in which we interact with websites has inevitably evolved. Shoppers now expect an immersive mobile experience driven by UX via their mobile devices. The Progressive Web Apps (PWA) studio by Magento essentially allows you to create a website that looks, feels and acts like an app – ideal for today’s users! Delivering the convenience and usability of a mobile app combined with the searchability of a regular browser creates fast, engaging shopping experiences.

Pinpoint and Magento 2

Already on Magento 1 but want to make the switch to Magento 2 before support ends in June 2020? We can help! As consumer expectations continue to soar, they expect more from their online shopping experiences. eCommerce Businesses need a solution that keeps them ahead of the game, delivering a memorable and future-ready buying journey.

Your business can grow with Magento and, as an official Solutions Partner, we are experienced in Magento builds and migrations, completing projects for market-leading clients including Beer Hawk, Custom Plugs, Henry London, Sue Ryder, American Medical ID and Casio. Already, there are over 30,000 live Magento 2 sites and it remains the number one re-platform choice among eCommerce stores, empowering you to deliver a customer experience without limits. Chat with us to find out why Magento 2 could be the right solution for your eCommerce business.