There are many social media platforms out there on the market, each providing the opportunity for outreach to customers and clients alike.

Creating a social buzz through short and snappy snippets can help in both branding and product promotion, and by targeting segments of your audience base you can bring the products that your followers like directly to them.

But which platform would be best for your ambitions? Here at Pinpoint we’ve written a snippet about a select few and how each could benefit your strategy:


With over 1.15 billion users worldwide, Facebook is an established brand with a huge following. Creating a Facebook page for your business will allow you to reach your customers on a social level, allow them to engage by leaving feedback and ‘liking’ products, photos and videos.

By gauging opinion through polls you can also discover what makes your customers tick, what kind of products they’re likely to buy and when they want to buy them.


With only 140 characters to get your message across, Twitter can provide your business with the chance to get creative in order to attract the attention of their customers.

Create an engaging tweet that grabs attention and makes people want to share it, and you could find yourself being ‘retweeted’ to other users’ friends lists, expanding your catchment area and tapping into potential customers.


If you’ve the time and the resource available, viral videos can be a good way of grabbing people’s attention. Quirky ideas can turn into excellent brand awareness if done right, particularly if they involve cats, and boxes, and possibly tiny hats…ok those have been done already but you get the idea (Note: cats are not compulsory in this sense, unless you want to go for cuteness factor)


Photo-sharing sites provide the opportunity to share your bespoke pictures with the world. From sunsets to photographs of memorable meals, Instagram allows photos to be posted from smartphones, allowing you to take your advertising on the move, useful for capturing real-time pictures from events or of new products that you may have just received.


Pintrest allows you to upload photos, sort them into groups and then share them with the world. From the recipes you enjoyed as a child to memories of gigs, if your content is catchy you’ll find others ‘pinning’ it for later and letting their followers know about it more information.

For smaller businesses specialising in bespoke products, Pintrest could come in handy for letting you share your wares with those who may then want to wear your wares.


Useful for building professional relationships, building a LinkedIn profile for your business is essential for your strategy, providing users with the chance to check out your company and your credentials adds a more professional feel to your branding.

Whichever platform you choose to use, social media can be useful in attracting customers, getting your products to market and building professional reputations. Whether you want to be a tweeter or just simply liked, there’s much to choose from, it’s just a question of what you feel is right for you and your strategy.