What is Klevu?

A world-class search technology, Klevu delivers intuitive and responsive user experiences, connecting shoppers to the exact products they are looking for. Working closely with Klevu, we aim to offer the most advanced site search functionality designed for every online store, no matter their size or budget.

Full of insight, Klevu’s range of features includes self-learning search, rich autocomplete and trending searches. Optimised for mobile devices, this search solution delivers the right results for your store regardless of a user’s preferred shopping device.

How Klevu works

Klevu technology is designed to simply make shoppers happier and improve eCommerce sites. Highly intelligent, the solution is continuously learning how shoppers interact with search to optimise results. Klevu enhances keyword search with a high error tolerance, understanding natural search language and what your shoppers mean even if they use different grammatical forms.

Using an open CSS principle, businesses can maintain full control and flexibility over search results through customisable features.

Klevu functionality includes:

Automated catalogue enrichment: Klevu adds relevant synonyms to your catalogue in metadata format, enriching your data to enhance search result depth by up to 3x. You can also train the Klevu search robot on your unique store elements by providing a custom keyword list. Klevu can then automatically identifies these keywords and deliver the best results.

Rich autocomplete: Search queries are automatically completed with intuitive suggestions beginning from the first character to support the users’ search experience.

Personalised search: Personalised search refers to products that a customer has already interacted with. When the user clicks in the search box, search functionality is activated and recently viewed products will be displayed.

Trending searches: Klevu prompts users with words from popular or recent searches, encouraging the buying process. Trending searches can even be triggered without entering a single character and support relationship building with users.

Our partnership with Klevu

  • Easily integrated with Magento 2, Klevu is our recommended solution for improving site search. We’ve partnered with Klevu a number of years, crafting easy to use and enjoyable search experiences for website users.
  • Klevu’s intelligent offering has been implemented for many of our clients, successfully connecting their shoppers to the exact product they are looking for with staggering results:
  • Iconic Watches – Our project with Iconic Watches saw over £3m generated via site search with conversion rates 3.5x higher than users without site search.
  • Supercuts – With the integration of Klevu’s features, Supercuts experienced an increase of over 100% in revenue via search.
  • Specialised Covers – witnessed a 3x improvement in conversation rate percentage once Site Search had been integrated.

For more information on how a Klevu search solution could benefit your online store, contact the team at Pinpoint today.