If there’s one thing we love at Pinpoint Designs it is theme parks, so you can imagine how delighted we were when we started working with Flamingo Land. The theme park, zoo and resort are a fantastic one and have a number of thrilling adrenaline causing rollercoasters, among other awesome attractions.

In fact, it is the 12th most visited theme park in Europe attracting over 1.8m visitors a year. To us this also meant another thing, a lot of park visitors which meant that the systems we’ve developed had to be as reliable and usable to keep up with the demand!

Flamingo Land came to us to help them develop a number of internal systems for their business and website. The first of which was the Q-Buster scheme. You may be familiar with this form of concept.

Q Buster

Essentially, Q Buster is a simple and also convenient system that allows patrons of the park the chance to pre-book Q Buster tokens for some of the parks most popular rides. You simply book the tokens at a given time and arrive at the ride with the knowledge you will not have to stand in the queue for the ride. So, simply, instead of having to wait to get on the likes of ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ or ‘Velocity’ – you arrive and ride.

Even though we would certainly agree that the rides in Flamingo Land are more than worth waiting for, we definitely prefer not to have to stand in a queue. Fortunately for us, we understand the issues with queuing and also get to develop the system to remedy the wait.

Voucher System

In addition, we’re also working with Flamingo Land on its Voucher System. From time to time, Flamingo Land offers promotional codes and vouchers, for those looking to book tickets to visit the wonderful park. In addition, gift vouchers are also a popular present.

So, our job is to help Flamingo Land with its voucher system, to ensure that it’s fast, accurate and works to the highest degree possible in all the parks great areas individually and as a whole. So far it’s been fun helping hone the voucher system to near perfection.

We’re delighted to work with Flamingo Land on these project and more than excited for what the future holds (as well as the rollercoasters). It’s exciting, fun and like all the work we undertake, a challenge to relish and delve into with all our might.

If you’re interested in hearing more or have any requirements you think we can help you out with, why not get in touch?