T’was The Night Before Site Launch – A Magento Poem

Christmas is rather quickly approaching, signifying the closing in of another great year here at Pinpoint Designs.

We’ve been getting in to the Christmas spirit, and decided this year to write a version of a Christmas classic, with a different flavour of course.

Pinpoint Designs proudly present to you, T’was The Night Before Site Launch.

Merry Christmas from all at Pinpoint Designs

For those who would like to read the fantastic tale for themselves, here it is:

T’was the week before site launch, and all through the office
Devs were aiming to deliver on promise
Code had been written, designs had been done
In hopes that their Christmas would be peaceful and fun.

Managers were ready with sign-off’s in tow,
While visions of pound signs danced in the snow.
As everyone gets ready to call it a night,
A dev spies something that gave him a fright.

It’s all gone so well, with no problems around,
They were all getting ready for a night on the town.
When on a screen there was such a terror,
A 404 Page not found error.

They inspected the logs,
but no issues were found.
“Restore from the repo!”
came a call from the crowd.

They lept on to GitHub to get all the files
GitHub was down, at least for a while.
The devs pondered hard on solutions to this,
the pressure was high, but they can’t call it quits.

“Magento!” a voice piped up from the pit,
“I’ve heard it’s too hard”, “I’ve heard that it’s…”
“Quiet you devs!” a manager cried,
“It’s the best way out, we have to try”.

“We made a promise,
and this is your job.
Let’s get it downloaded,
let’s sort out this mob!”

“That’s the community spirit!”
Turning around to see who had harked,
to find a cloud of bright glitter
and a fairy, named Marks.

Marks put down his phone and walked to the group,
To help out the devs, who were running in loops.
He showed them fundamentals of Magento’s design
and when they were all done he shouted out fine!

Write PHP, XML, EAV, Sequel!
Add HTML, CSS, scripting, all equal
Lots of new content for Google to crawl!
Now code away! Code away! Code away all!

And code on they did, both front end and back,
With managers all writing a plan of attack.
While Marks looked over the workforce with awe
He reminded the developers not to hack core!

Days turned to nights and nights in to days,
modules were installed to help on their ways.
Until it seemed that the project was done,
They’d beat back the problems, they’d finally won!

Congrats!, called out Marks, our work here is done,
and with a poof and a bang – he was suddenly gone.
Brilliant work, the managers cheered,
Now let’s launch this here site and go get some beers!

They updated the repo and pushed the site live,
Then down to the pub for a drink and a skive.
When a familiar voice was heard clearly through,
Now let’s talk about Magento 2!