Not long after announcing that they intended to break into the European tattoo supplies market, The Tattoo Shop selected our agency to launch and manage their first multilingual SEO campaign – designed to promote their new microsites to audiences in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and a handful of other EU countries.

Multilingual SEO is a relatively new area for us, but we’re well practiced when it comes to finding innovative ways to deliver sustainable growth in competitive SERP pages, and we’re confident that the advanced SEO knowledge that we’ve gained over the past few years will enable us to deliver some really fantastic results for the Tattoo Shop across all of their domains.

We’re always up for a challenge too, and can’t wait to test some of the really detailed content marketing techniques that we’ve been refining on newer, less-saturated markets.

About the Tattoo Shop

The Tattoo Shop is one of the UK’s biggest tattoo equipment suppliers – selling everything from premium inks to tattoo machines, chairs, trolleys and aftercare salves. They have a real passion for the tattoo industry, and pride themselves on being able to deliver a consistently excellent service in support of any tattoo shop, irrespective of size or focus.

The Tattoo Shop has recently experienced a period of unrivaled growth, and is now looking to expand into new markets abroad, which is why they’ve appointed us to oversee a pioneering SEO campaign that’ll see us leveraging techniques both new and old in order to increase the exposure of sites targeted at audiences from all across the globe.

SEO is a real passion for us, and this is a really exciting opportunity to grow and develop one of our core specializations.

If you’d like to learn more about the sustainable and holistic SEO services that we offer to a range of clients, or you’re interested to know what kind of tactics we’ll be employing in order to promote the Tattoo Shop’s multilingual SEO campaign, you might be interested contacting us directly, or leaving a comment in the section below: