As a young, dynamic agency with fresh ideas and a team of experts, Pinpoint Designs has worked with a diverse variety of clients since it was established just four years ago. Over that period, the agency has gone from strength to strength, not only expanding its client base but also the range of services that it offers to its valued clients.

Our agency recently started working with the specialist greetings cards and stationery company, The Card Gallery, and we have been assisting this business in a number of ways. Firstly, we have been working with The Card Gallery on Google Penalty recovery, which is something that more and more businesses have been looking into after being affected by the various Google algorithm changes that have come into force over the past couple of years.

Many businesses, both large and small, have suffered devastating effects as a result of the penalties that Google has imposed following these algorithm updates and changes.

In addition to working with The Card Gallery on Google Penalty recovery, our agency has been assisting company with its website SEO requirements, ensuring that the Card Gallery’s website is fully optimised for maximum effect while also making sure that the SEO methods used are all above board and compliant with Google’s Webmaster guidelines. The work that the team at Pinpoint Designs has carried out while working with The Card Gallery means that the greetings card company can benefit from a professionally optimised website and the expertise of specialists in effective SEO methods.

Pinpoint Designs now offers specialist assistance to companies who require help with recovering from Google penalties, saving them a huge amount of time, stress and inconvenience when it comes to getting their websites back on track. In addition, we have worked with a huge number of clients on SEO, working alongside SMEs as well as with larger companies to help them to achieve greater success. As an expanding agency, we now offer our existing and new clients access to a whole range of services, which are delivered by are in-house experts including services such as website development, mobile website development, hosting services, digital marketing service, SEO specialisation, PPC, Google penalty recovery assistance, and more.