One of the wonderful things about running a business on the World Wide Web is that almost everything can be measured. Unlike days gone by, we can measure almost every statistic, number and piece of information there is and work out how well your site’s performing and what it’s failing to do well.

The fact that these tools are free and also easy to use is a significant bonus and means that all the information you want to track is right there. However, the biggest factor is focusing on the appropriate metrics – so, let’s take a look at the best statistics for measuring success.


You need something to measure. So, defining goals is very important. First decide what you want to achieve and then you will have a clearer idea of how to accomplish them. This allows you to then measure how successful the blog is.

You may want to:

  • – Sell more products
  • – Raise Awareness
  • – Provide information to customers
  • – Share information and create new leads

These are all valuable things to set out to achieve – so, let’s look at how to do so.

Acquisition Metric

This metric is extremely important and gives you a great overview of other information. The data shows you the number of visitors and also how many are unique. It also shows where they are coming from and this can be a significant factor in informing you whether campaigns are working. It also shows you how many people have become newly aware of your brand.

Engagement Metric

You want people to come to your site, engage and read and spend time on the site. The metrics to measure this are:

  • – Number of pages visited
  • – Time Spent
  • – Bounce Rate

This will inform you of how many people engaged and if they didn’t. It also shows you what interested them and what didn’t and made them leave. This can be a good indicator of how successful your site is for advertising. It also is a good indication of how much information customers are taking in and this can be important for future success.


Of course, achieving targets is the aim of business and this is crucial to success. Of course, measuring conversion rates is very important, though also quite simple thanks to Google analytics.

The goal conversion rate measures the [primary achievements of the site. This happens once a visitor completes the main objective, such as a registration, purchase, download etc. This is of course the most important end metric and the one most businesses rely on for success.

There are so many more metrics that can give you an idea of business success; however these primary ones provide you with a significant insight of how your business is doing.

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