Magento WordPress Blog Integration

Integrating a WordPress blog with Magento is often considered a simple task, because of some of the fairly mainstream modules and services out there (Blog Pro, FishPig etc). However, often the options available result in you have a very limited version of WordPress that doesn’t meet requirements and isn’t particularly scalable.

We’ve completed full WordPress integrations for Magento Community and Enterprise that have given the merchant all of the core WordPress features and not caused any underlying issues with either platform. We’ve also worked on a few websites that have been Magento / WordPress hybrid-builds. Although this isn’t something that we generally recommend, it does provide flexibility and freedom around CMS pages and it’s something that we’re happy to manage.

Some of the implementations we’ve done include:

· The Discovery Store
· Regis Salons & Supercuts
· Specialised Covers
· Iconic Watches
· Glitzy Secrets

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