Magento Training

We’ve recently started providing Magento training to new and existing clients, spanning across various areas of running, developing and managing a Magento store. We generally provide training to in-house individuals or small teams, but we’re currently looking into providing group training sessions.

The main training areas we provide are:

  • Magento Admin User Training
  • Magento Front-End Training
  • Magento Store Management Training
  • Magento SEO Training

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More about our training


Magento training is a fairly new offering for us, so any other types of training would require us to create documentation and content, so we’re focusing on the below currently. If you have any questions around these training sessions, the costs associated or what’s covered, please feel in the form below.

Here is some more detail around some of the core training sessions that we provide:


  • Magento Admin User Training

    This is focused on providing a complete understanding of the core areas of Magento, from order management and workflows to setting up products and managing customer details. We can provide different levels of training in this area, ranging from a one-day crash course to a more intensive three-day course.

  • Magento SEO

    This option would be focused on improving your organic search presence through looking at the on-page and technical SEO aspects of your store. Again, this would be fairly hands-on and it’d be lead by our digital marketing team.

  • Magento Store Management

    This session is similar to the admin user training option, but is more focused on growing the store and taking your store to the next level. This course would need at least two days and would cover things like Magento SEO, improving your search function, the basics of Magento performance optimisation, improving various core aspects of Magento etc.

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