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As consumer habits evolve and shopping channels grow, manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors need a strong B2B strategy to meet their audiences’ expectations.

Providing the power and flexibility that other platforms can’t, Magento Adobe Commerce for B2B has been designed to cater for the needs of merchants whose primary customers are businesses.

Why Magento Adobe Commerce for B2B?

B2B businesses often have complicated organisational structures which, when translated online, can result in a complex and bloated website. Built to cater for these issues, Adobe Commerce can support both sellers and buyers with out of the box features:

  • Sellers: An admin user who accesses the system from the Admin panel.
  • Buyers: A customer associated with a business account who accesses the system from the storefront.

It’s worth noting that Magento Adobe Commerce Open Source doesn’t contain any B2B functionality. However, Adobe Commerce is jam packed with Magento B2B features designed to drive growth:

  • Integrate with ERP and CRM using APIs and custom extensions
  • Manage quote requests and negotiate pricing within a workflow
  • Support sales to different accounts featuring multiple levels of buyers with various permissions
  • Propel revenue through quick and seamless ordering and reordering functionality
  • Create bespoke catalogues and personalised pricing lists for different businesses
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How Can We Help Your B2B Business?

Due to the complexities of B2B selling, many lack the digital presence that B2C brands have. Between multiple or one-off pricing lists, complex product set ups and 1-2-1 negotiations, B2B eCommerce is certainly not a one size fits all solution.

To develop the foundations for online success, the helping hand of a Commerce Adobe partner can go a long way. Home to a team of eCommerce specialists, we work to understand the nuances of your business and how you operate, innovating to create bespoke solutions and seamless interactions between you and your customers.

Our Work With B2B Businesses

Recent Magento 2 B2B projects we’ve completed include:

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