Google Penalty Recovery

We’re penalty recovery experts – we’ve written an industry-leading guide on the subject and we’ve helped clients from a number of industries to recover rankings and traffic over the past few years.

If you’re suffering from a Google penalty, get in touch today. We’ll work with you to identify the type of penalty affecting your site before laying out a strategy that’ll get you back on track. We manage every aspect of the recovery process from start to finish, and we even send out link removal requests ourselves.

It doesn’t matter if it’s panda, penguin or a manual action either – we’ve dealt with every type of penalty, and we have a solution to fit every issue.

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Manual Actions

Google awards manual penalties to sites that violate its codes of best practice. If you receive a manual penalty, you’ll notice a notification appear in search console. You’ll then notice that your website has stopped appearing in SERP pages  – leading to a dramatic decline in the amount of traffic reaching your landing pages.

If you’ve been awarded a manual penalty, get in touch today. we can get to work straight away – performing a backlink audit to identify the toxic links that are affecting your site, before performing the outreach that’s needed to get these links removed. We’ll also fill out a disavow file for any links that we can’t remove, and compile a reconsideration request for you to send to Google.

We have removed Manual actions for a wide variety of clients, and have a 100% success rate at present.


First introduced in 2012, penguin is an update to Google’s search algorithm that seeks to penalise websites that build spammy or over-optimised backlinks for SEO purposes. Penguin runs periodically, and can quickly neuter the amount of organic traffic reaching your site.

Fortunately, it is possible to recover the rankings and traffic that are lost because of Penguin. If your site has been affected by a penguin update, We’d love to help. To begin with,we will perform a full audit of your backlink profile in order to identify the harmful links. Once this is done, we will reach out to try and get these links removed – ensuring that you are compliant with Google’s best practice guidelines and starting the road to recovery.


Google Panda was an update to Google’s core algorithm that aimed to down-regulate sites that did not offer a good end-user experience. For the most part, Panda affects sites with ‘thin’ content, or content that has been duplicated

If we think that your website is suffering because of Google Panda, we will start by doing a full audit of your on-site content. We will then draw up a comprehensive list of the ways in which you could go about improving your site’s overall quality before work with you to  supply the high-quality content that Google wants to see. We have a lot of experience in this area, and can offer very targeted guidance that’s relevant to your industry.


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