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Ever since we first launched in 2010, we’ve been focusing solely on creating and strengthening ecommerce products and services – with an overall objective of helping merchants sell more products online.

Although almost all of the services that we provide are focused around Magento, we do also provide consulting services around the core areas of ecommerce, ranging from customer acquisition to launch planning.

Below is a list of the primary areas of our consulting offering:

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  • Ecommerce Strategy / Growth Consulting

    We’ve provided strategic guidance to merchants of all sizes, mostly around go-to-market strategy and customer acquisition tactics. Our digital team have experience with all customer acquisition channels and our senior consultants have vast experience of growing ecommerce revenues via other avenues (such as marketplaces, partnerships etc).

    Our strategy consulting projects usually start with a discovery session, where we’d go over your objectives and what you’re currently doing. We’d then either audit your chosen areas and report back, run an interactive workshop with your team or create a full strategy.

    These arrangements are usually very bespoke and specific to the merchant.

    We do also provide managed services and audits around SEO, PPC, analytics / reporting and conversion rate optimisation.

  • Ecommerce Technology / Systems Consulting

    Although we’re primarily focused on Magento, we also undertake various technology consulting projects, usually focused on choosing a specific system. Whether you’re reviewing options outside of Magento, looking at ERP systems or anything else, our team have experience in it and we are happy to advise as either a fixed-price project or an hourly rate.

    In addition to recommending software, we're also happy to help with requirements gathering and business analysis work, as well as consulting around processes and workflows where we have experience. We've used lots of different types of third party ecommerce technology whilst working with clients and our experience has generally allowed us to add value to consulting projects in the past.

  • Ecommerce User Experience Consulting

    We’ve recently started doing a lot more user experience projects with new and existing clients, which are focused on understanding the issues with how your customers are using your store and also identifying opportunities.

    We usually start user experience projects with a discovery session, where’d we’d run over issues, your data, your objectives etc with the team. We’d then go away, document the scope and start running the research / analysis stage.

    We’d generally commission around 20-30 user tests as part of these projects, which would be across multiple devices and with different objectives. We’d set the test criteria and get this approved as part of the discovery. We’d start looking at various parts of the site and how they’re impacting user journeys and conversion rates (e.g. payment methods, finance, the checkout, product recommendations etc). Our Senior Consultants and our Creative Director would also do complete reviews of all page templates across the store and provide recommendations based on their analysis, you analytics data and the user tests.

These are the core areas for the consulting services we provide to our clients, but we’re happy to discuss any individual project.

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