Magento Adobe Commerce Accelerator

There’s an ever-growing demand for businesses to get to market faster with a powerful eCommerce solution. Making the move to Magento Adobe Commerce in as little as 12 weeks, Accelerator shaves months off your timescales and saves you money on the build.

Want to get to market faster with Adobe Commerce? Find out more about Accelerator.

What is Accelerator?

 Accelerator is a headless PWA built for Adobe Commerce by our in-house team. With an Accelerator project, we’ve already done the legwork for you. Combining our extensive experience of eCommerce projects with our in-depth knowledge of the Commerce Adobe platform, we’ve created a readymade solution that will speed up your project and bring down your costs.

What Is A Headless PWA?

Headless progressive web apps (PWAs) have been a groundbreaking innovation for the eCommerce industry. Top level, headless PWAs gather data using an API that sits between the decoupled frontend and backend of a website. Taking this approach provides speedier development time and more flexibility but you can learn all about the benefits below…

What can you expect from Accelerator?

Never one to skimp on quality, using the skills of our fully certified developers, we can build a Magento Adobe Commerce store without any compromise. Accelerator doesn’t limit what’s possible – it simply speeds up your project, reduces your costs and leaves room for future evolvement.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Reduced build cost: With Accelerator, as your site is built using a boilerplate, you benefit from a majorly reduced build cost and development time which means you can get to market faster.
  • A tailored, branded design: You need a store that not only performs but looks good too. A tailored brand design can still be achieved with Accelerator but rather than building a custom theme with complex customisations, we can save time and budget by configuring each and every theme element.
  • Numerous pre-built extensions: So, you can still offer your customers all the functionality they expect, we’ve pre-built numerous Adobe Commerce extensions which are available as standard with Accelerator.
  • Third-party integrations: You’ll be ready to integrate with market-leading third-party solutions such as Klarna, Klevu, Nosto and Yotpo. Boosting your site’s performance even further, you can provide superior site search, payment solutions, personalisation and reviews to name but a few. More complex and bespoke integrations can also be taken care of using our proprietary middleware system, DataConnectr.
  • Bespoke functionality: Although Accelerator is designed to get you to market faster, you still have the ability to add a layer of bespoke functionality such as pre-order features to deliver a brand-new site that will deliver on your objectives.