Did you know that the top three results on a Google SERP conduct around 70% plus of the clicks for that result? Also, did you know that Google’s search engine share is around 90% of all search engines used in the UK? Now, logic would dictate that to stand a good chance of being clicked on you’ll need to be in those top three positions on a Google SERP.

Of course, there’s no straightforward way to achieve this. We simply can’t be certain how Google calculates its algorithms and inner workings and so don’t know exactly what’s around the corner for 2013. Now, that’s not to say we don’t have a good idea of what’s up ahead and can’t make a few informed predictions.

It is important to ensure that you never work with an SEO company who uses a bad and spam based techniques to improve your rankings. We specialise in a range of SEO services and Social Media Management services. We’re dedicated to providing the best results and creating great quality content that people on the web love to read and share. If you’re interested in discussing your requirements with us, please give us a call on 01423 740152, or contact us.


The number of mobile devices used to surf the Internet has risen steadily over the last few years and will continue to do so in the coming 12 months or so. It’s expected that half of all searches will take place on mobile devices by 2014. It’s no secret to say that including best practices now for mobile SEO gives you significant leverage for the future.

Tweaks or a Big Change

Even with Google Penguin’s change and the constant tweaks that occur almost monthly at this stage, it seems that some low quality pages still get to the top of the SERPs. So, we expect Google to either continue making refinements to Penguin, or even release a new algorithm change altogether. Web masters will be shuddering in their boots.

Link Building vs. Earning

The concept of building links is one that creates the notion of just adding links quite easily to previous links. The idea of link earning is one that’s come to the fore in recent times and is exactly as you’d expect it to be – earning links via producing something people want and would like to link to. A far cry from the days of just adding links to directories and forums. Social Media is also something that seems to be on the rise, so this is going to be more important than ever before.


The quality of the content that you use on site and also that you use for both social media and even link building will determine how Google sees your site. Informative, relevant content that is helpful to the overall UX of your site is the best form of content and with Google honing its algorithms every minute this is a necessity. Good content improves brand reputation, traffic and increases inbound backlinks. Here are some tips on lowering your bounce rate!


People often believe that website’s success begins with the SEO techniques that they start after they’ve built the site. However, SEO is also very important in the coding and development of the site and a good developer can make or break a site’s SERP success. If you have a site it’s possible to have it re-evaluated and coded aptly to ensure you get the most bangs for your buck.


Of course, a good digital agency will set you on the course to such success by evaluating and building on what’s good already. Having someone who knows what they’re doing pays for itself in no time at all and is something to most certainly consider.