Project Debrief: How We Helped Casio Solve Their DTC eCommerce Challenges

Since the start of our partnership with Casio, we have been entrusted with the build of their Edifice, G-SHOCK and Casio sites. Continuing to support Casio with their digital transformation, redefining their direct to consumer eCommerce presence, we’ve recently launched their primary UK site on Magento 2.

A bit about Casio 

Casio are prolific in the electronics industry. Beginning their journey way back in 1946, they “envision a world no one has ever seen” with ambitions to design and manufacture products that will enhance the daily lives of a diverse audience.

Over the years, their portfolio has grown to an extensive range of products from calculators to watches, projectors and even EPOS terminals. From their performance G-SHOCK watches to their indispensable scientific calculators found in classrooms around the globe, today, Casio are a household name. 

What did Casio want to achieve? 

Already taking their products to market through a number of channels including retailers and IT distribution, Casio recognised the opportunities in direct to consumer eCommerce.

As a leading technology company, evolving with the digital world is a must. They needed a website that would embody their rich history and a powerful platform that would directly connect their cutting-edge products with their customers.

A new focus on eCommerce would open Casio up to direct communication with their audience, reaping huge potential benefits for the brand and marking the next step in their digital transformation strategy.

Why was this a challenge for Casio? 

As a result of their expansive portfolio and many business units making up the Casio brand, they had been left with a fragmented online proposition with multiple sites all powered by different eCommerce platforms. With approximately 10-15 subdomains that needed to be redirected to the new UK site – – the biggest obstacle for Casio was consolidating these websites.  

How we got them there  

A website migration is rarely without its difficulties but moving multiple sites from multiple platforms to consolidate within a single solution was a complex task that required our extensive migration experience.

To kick off the migration process, we carried out technical discovery and scoping. This process brings all the work that needs to be done to achieve the objectives together. During this time, we really got to grips with who Casio is, how they operate and how Magento would connect into the rest of the business including fulfilment, customer touchpoints and warehouse systems.

Collaborating with Casio’s creative agency, The Armoury, we brought their vision for the design to life. Leveraging all that Magento 2.2.3 has to offer, we were able to build an engaging and flexible eCommerce store that gives Casio’s in-house team the ability to customise.

To connect Magento and Casio’s internal systems, a middleware integration bridges the gap between their different platforms, applications, databases and channels. Integral to the project, this allows information to seamlessly pass between their systems, ensuring accurate syncing of orders, stock, fulfilment and prices.

Supporting the user experience, we introduced a customised checkout, enhanced site search functionality and product recommendations.

What benefits have they seen? 

The new Magento eCommerce store has laid the foundations for Casio’s DTC strategy, providing them with the tools to drive forward their digital transformation. By unifying their offering into one solution, streamlining the user experience and improving search visibility, Casio can better present and sell their products online to reach a wider audience.

Finally, Casio’s internal teams are now empowered. With Magento significantly improving the manageability of their site, their team is back in full control of their eCommerce store.

If you want to find out more about our project with Casio or need some guidance around your unique eCommerce challenges, feel free to get in touch with the team.