Project Debrief: Getting The Green Reaper to Market Fast with Accelerator

The UK’s preferred supplier of garden machinery, The Green Reaper needed a cost-effective solution to take their store from M1 to M2. Previously on Magento 1.8.1, The Green Reaper’s biggest barrier was the cost to build a new Magento 2 website. With Magento 1 going end-of-life in June 2020, the need to migrate their website was immediate.

We were able to deliver their new site at almost half the cost of a typical M2 migration project. Read on to find out more about The Green Reaper’s Accelerator project.

Enabling the move to Magento 2 with Accelerator

Designed to shave months off project timescales and save significantly on the build cost, Accelerator by Pinpoint enabled the move to Magento 2. Without Accelerator, The Green Reaper would have been on the road to seeking an alternative platform. Instead, our approach allowed them to leverage the power of the latest platform capabilities delivered through a cost-effective solution.

Due to the level of Magento customisation they’d already invested in to support their drop shipping requirements, having to move to an entirely new platform would have been extremely challenging for The Green Reaper, forcing the rethinking of the whole process.

Guiding the transition from M1 to M2

To ensure their old site remained stable and secure, we managed the period between Magento 1 end-of-life, and the new site being launched.

Drop shipping requirements

With our Accelerator, we have the flexibility to layer additional requirements on top of the built-in functionality. Supporting The Green Reaper’s drop shipping requirements was crucial to project success.  

The addition of customised drop shipping means that when an order is placed online, the direct supplier of that product receives a notification through their preferred communication method. To cater for differing supplier needs, notifications can take the form of an email, an integration via a data or XML feed, as well as by placing orders via an API or CSV file.

With all actions automated and completed in the background when an order is received, once the supplier acknowledges the order and provides a tracking number, the order status is then automatically updated to ‘Processing’.

Migrating The Green Reaper’s data

Key to all migration projects is data migration. For The Green Reaper’s Accelerator project, the data migration was between Magento 1 and Magento 2. We worked to carry across their customer, order and product information into the new site, ensuring the seamless and undisruptive transition of data.

The importance of integrations

As with many web projects, integrations are crucial to building a high-performing website that meets the needs of both the customer and the business. Accelerator has been built in such a way that it readily integrates with third-party solutions and Magento extensions to provide merchants with the additional functionality they want.

For The Green Reaper, integrations were implemented that ensure the accurate syncing of orders, stock, fulfilment and returns. In addition, we integrated a shipping rates table extension and an amnesty extension to support The Green Reaper’s advanced promotions requirements.

To provide a better user experience, we introduced leading review platform Trustpilot, a customer service helpdesk and made use of Accelerator’s Elastic search extension which offers greater functionality than standard Magento search such as weighted search results.

All the benefits of our Accelerator service  

With Accelerator, we’ve already done the leg work and The Green Reaper were able to reap all the benefits of that. Combining our extensive experience with our knowledge of all things Magento, we’re able to create high-performing eCommerce stores faster and at a reduced cost.

But those aren’t the only benefits.

Countless UX improvements were also made to The Green Reaper’s new site, enhancing mobile-friendliness, creating custom categories and custom product pages to form a better and easier shopping experience alongside adding scheduling capabilities.

Although designed to get merchants to market faster with Magento 2, Accelerator still offers the ability to add bespoke functionality. This allowed The Green Reaper to include the unique features they required to deliver a new site that met their objectives.

What has the impact been?

Proving just how successful an Accelerator project can be, from March to July YOY, The Green Reaper have seen:

  • 59% increase to conversion rate
  • 18.5% increase to average order value

If you want to find out more about our project with The Green Reaper or our Accelerator service, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.