Yesterday, Matt Cutts announced that Google were rolling out their latest search engine update, named ‘Penguin 2.0’. This update has been rumoured for release for the last couple of months and the impact is supposed to be large.

As an agency that specialises in SEO for our clients, we’re always keen to see what updates are released. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any confirmation of what has been released as of yet, but there are some key facts and tips that we can provide.

This is the first major Google update that has been released since Google released their Disavow tool. We can only assume that over the past few months, Google has received thousands and thousands of disavow requests which contain links that are classed as spam. All this data can then be analysed and pulled into one big update.

Key Features of Penguin 2.0

  • Roughly 2.3% of English-US queries are affected.
  • The previous Penguin updates targeted websites that had too much exact match anchor text and unnatural link profiles. Chances are, Penguin 2.0 will tighten up on these ratios. In addition to this

Is there more coming?

The simple answer to this question is Yes! Matt released a YouTube video roughly 10 days ago which explained what website owners should expect over the next few months. You can view the video below:

Some of the other large SEO blogs such as Search engine journal believe that some other changes such as ‘tiered link building’, low quality guest posting and more. We also think that paid links and comment spam is on the agenda to be one of the largest hits (personal opinion).

Either way, this shows that Google are doing some very large changes over the coming months that are going to affect websites that have bad effects. We are noticing a large number of clients coming to us for link removal campaigns if they have received penalties.

How do I avoid being hit?

This again is a fairly simple answer, build good quality content and don’t violate Google’s guidelines. Their search engine algorithms are becoming increasingly clever and it’s only a matter of time before the low quality tactics people use get hit. If you’re using an SEO agency, make sure they keep on top of the Google updates, know what the implications are of carrying out poor quality link campaigns and make a decision on whether you trust them or not.

We set out originally to be very transparent with our clients. We deliver great results on SEO campaigns and we’ll continue to deliver great content to readers. If you’d like to discus a project with us, drop us a line!