New Website Launch – LetzLive

Letz Live was founded by Nicholas Hare in 2004 after he graduated from High School in Australia. Upon graduating, Nick decided to leave Australia and take a gap year in the UK. At only 17, Nick had visited over 20 countries, worked in many different areas and gathered memories which will stay with him for life.

Upon returning to Australia, Nick decided that he wanted to help others have a similar opportunity to himself, this is when Letz Live was born. Letz Live started with only four placements solely in the UK. Letz Live is providing opportunities for people based in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand. Workers can opt to volunteer in countries such as Thailand, India, Nepal and more.

Nick approached us looking for a revamp of his website after seeing another website (Affecting Real Change) that Pinpoint Designs had built previously. He wanted to update their website to bring in new features, a refreshed look and the ability to update content easier.

After discussing Nicks project requirements, we were confident we could deliver a stunning website that functioned well and did exactly what they required. Letz Live were looking for features such as integration with their eNewsletter, the ability to add new locations, update FAQs, testimonials, vacancies and more.

The LetzLive website is built on MODx Revolution, which enables their team to manage content quickly and easily. If Letz Live expand into a new country, they can quickly add this and manage all the content easily.

You can visit the new Letz Live website here. If you would like to contact us about a project you’re interested in, please request a quote!