Cheskin House

The tourism area is really and truly a very competitive area and with so much of it relying on the Internet and people finding you online, SEO can be a pivotal factor.

We began helping out a client with just those difficulties recently. Cheskin House is a luxury B&B in Cumbria and offers those wishing to see the wonderful area, a top class experience in the bed and breakfast fold. The project is that of Edwina Sorkin, who wishes to bring together her passions of people, food, wine, gardening, art and antiques. We’re telling you now; Cheskin House wonderfully reflects each and every one of those interests.


Anyhow, back to business. Edwina needed search engine optimisation help for her site, to ensure that it was as visual as possible in the SERPs. So, we set about a campaign to increase the amount of visibility she was getting as well as her positions in the SERPs.

In addition, after performing a SEO audit we took a number of other factors into account, such as load times for her page, coding, internal linking architecture, back link building and a range of other onsite and offsite SEO actions.

We wanted to make the reasons why the 270 year old house stands out, stand out on line and attract an audience that would fall in love with the B&B to the degree warranted.

Fine Living

From the wonderful selection of champagnes and wines to the glorious dinner parties, to the luxurious dinner parties and sumptuous rooms – Edwina wanted to rightly showcase these qualities to the widest possible audience locally and internationally.

Of course, the charms are not solely in the hands of the B&B owner either. Cheskin House’s location in the Eden Valley provides it with a position in one of the most beautiful locations in all of the UK. The area is one of beautiful meadows and history and located in a seemingly remote corner of the world that is easily accessible.

The mixture of fresh air, beautiful villages and all that goes with them and the potential for our door activities will offer allure to most. After which, you can relax in the sumptuous comfort and warmth of Cheskin House.

Cheskin House is really and truly a gem and somewhere that offers that homely luxury that can really and truly provide you with a memorable time. We’re more than delighted to work on the B&B’s search engine optimisation and excited for the future of this wonderful house.