Janie Wilson started making cards almost 15 years ago. Beginning to tide herself over financially when looking for a full time job in textile design.

During the period she realised the potential of the card area and decided to create cards on a full time basis. She’s not looked back since. Today, Janie and her team of 22 sell cards in over 600 shops in the UK and Ireland.

Janie contacted us with the aim of expanding her online presence. Her website http://www.janiewilson.co.uk had been built a few years ago, although it needed a little bit of marketing help and a few tweaks here and there. She came to us at Pinpoint Design looking for some assistance with her social media management, SEO and web hosting and of course, we were more than happy to oblige.


With all that goes on Janie finds it hard to fit in the time to regularly promote her site and that’s what we’re here for.

Janie’s constantly busy with card related work and more often than not is designing, preparing or getting ready for a new line of cards to be released. Otherwise, she may be sorting out an up and coming even she will be attending.

Janie does everything from design, to production, to packaging to selling and even though she’s quite busy as a full time mum, she still is rigorous in overseeing the business.

From finding the finest materials in the form of the crystals, ribbons and rhinestones, to performing manual quality control on all the cards returned from the outworkers, it’s an understatement to say Janie’s busy.

UK Business

Of course, one of the things that is most notable about the brand is its support for the UK and other UK business. Janie employs 22 ladies from throughout the UK to help with her cards. These ladies are able to work around their other jobs or their family commitments to make the cards in their spare time.

In addition, all the printing, cards, envelopes, ribbons and other parts that make up the cards are bought in the UK. This policy is one that the business is proud of and rightly so.

The Cards

Janie offers cards for all occasions and her talents can be seen in the design, creation and end product of each and every beautiful card.

Janie offers cards for all occasions and her talents can be seen in the design, creation and end product of each and every beautiful product.

There are a number of ranges of cards and the most recently added is the ‘Wishes’ range. Janie’s cards span all occasions, seasons and requirements and each one has her own special appeal. The cards offer a tasteful, elegant and often fun design that’s instantly recognisable and easily recollected – like all the best cards.

At Pinpoint Designs we’re more than delighted to be working with Janie and her team and see it as a great opportunity for both parties to grow and succeed. We hope that our creative side and Janie’s wonderful product and business can work together and are sure that collected we’ll be greater than the sum of our parts.