Google Penalty Recovery for Iconic Watches

Google Penalty Recovery

Noticed a sudden drop in your traffic or rankings? If so, we can help. Our expert penalty recovery services have a 100% success rate on manual penalties, and we’re well versed in the process of identifying & removing the unnatural backlinks responsible for incurring Google’s wrath. 


Getting hit by a Google penalty is no laughing matter.Irrespective of whether it’s algorithmic or manual in nature, a Google penalty can prevent your site from ranking for highly competitive keywords, and throttle your organic traffic – drastically reducing the number of new leads that your website is capable of generating, and robbing you of the online exposure that you’ve previously enjoyed.

The majority of Google penalties don’t come with an expiration date either: Once Google have decided that you’re partaking in link building practices that violate their webmaster guidelines, they’ll indefinitely handicap your site’s ability to perform in the overwhelming majority of SERP pages, and potentially even prevent your site from appearing on Google at all – depending on the type and severity of the penalty that you’ve received.

Fortunately, Google penalties can be completely removed - as long as you act fast, and employ a dedicated agency with the experience and expertise that's needed to properly: 

  • Identify the type of Google penalty that you’ve received
  • Gather and analyse your website’s backlink data
  • Pinpoint all potentially harmful/unnatural backlinks
  • Perform outreach to have the majority of bad links removed
  • Submit the remaining bad links to a comprehensive disavow file
  • Send an inclusive reconsideration request to Google (if necessary)

Why Choose Us

We've helped companies in a number of industries to recover from Google penalties over the course of the past two years, and we’re well versed in all aspects of successful penalty removal; from data collection & link auditing to manual outreach, the creation of comprehensive reconsideration requests and everything else in-between.


We’ve published several, industry-leading guides on the topic too, and our pioneering approach to effective penalty recovery has met with praise from some of the digital marketing industry's most influential thought-leaders, including;

Matt Cutts, Head of Google's webspam team
Rand Fishkin, Founder of Moz
Barry Schwartz, News Editor at Search Engine Land

and many more...

We’ve also got a 100% success rate when it comes to removing manual penalties, so you know that you’re in safe hands... 

Rand Fishkin - Founder of Moz

Comprehensive, Efficient & Sustainable

Our longstanding experience with all as+pects of link auditing, analysis and removal
 has helped us to formulate an incredibly effective approach to penalty recovery that's
 comprehensive, efficient and sustainable.

When you approach us with a penalty removal project in mind, we'll set to work on the
problem using the following 6 steps, which are designed to facilitate the speedy
removal of both algorithmic and manual penalties:

Penalty Identification

The first step to effective penalty removal is almost always identifying the type of penalty that your site is currently suffering from. If Google haven't sent an unnatural link warning to your webmaster tools account, we'll perform the detailed analysis that's needed to ascertain which type of manual action or algorithmic update is affecting your site.

Once we know what type of penalty you’re suffering from, we’ll then get to work on solving the problem. For most penalties, the solution will probably involve carefully managed link removal, but there are rare occasions where Panda penalties can necessitate the publication of more on-site content, or require an on-site audit to eliminate duplicate pages or other technical SEO issues. fermentum.

Unnatural links to your site Google has detected a patten of unnatural artificial, deceptive or manipulative links pointing to pages on this site. Some links may be outside of the webmaster's control, so for this incident we are taking targeted action on the unnatural links instead of the site's ranking as a whole.

Outreach and Link Removal 

Most penalty recovery companies skip the difficult process of outreach and removal in favor of easier options, like the disavow file.

We're in the business of sustainable penalty recovery though, and we know that the best way to show Google that you deserve to rank for highly competitive keywords is to completely remove any ‘spammy’ backlinks by reaching out to the webmasters responsible for maintaining them, and requesting that they be removed.

We'll oversee this process for you from start to finish; collating contact information for all the sites that could be responsible for your website's poor performance in competitive SERP pages, before sending out polite requests designed to ensure the speedy removal of any unnatural links

Link Analysis 

After creating a comprehensive picture of your site's backlink profile, we'll systematically analyse each and every single link that's currently pointing at your site to see if it could be violating Google's webmaster guidelines, or contributing to the site-wide penalty that you're currently suffering from.

Penalty Recovery Graph - Increased Traffic Flow

Reconsideration Requests

Reconsideration requests are only needed if your site has been subjected to a manual penalty, but we're still very experienced when it comes to compiling them, so, if you do need to show Google that you've cleaned up your act, you can depend on us to get the job done, no matter how many attempts it takes.

Our penalty recovery services don't stop here either; even after we've successfully undertaken all 5 steps of our program, we'll continue to monitor your site's backlink profile until we're absolutely certain that your penalty has been fully removed.

We'll be in touch through the entire process too, and always make every effort to answer any questions or queries you might have.

Backlink Aggregation

Assuming that you’re suffering from a link-based penalty, the next step after penalty identification will involve us using a combination of industry-leading tools to build up a complete list of the backlinks currently pointing at your site - taking great care to ensure that we're creating a truly comprehensive picture of your website's inbound link profile that doesn't miss out any unnatural links, or skimp on the essential data that's needed to ensure that your penalty is fully removed. 

Manual and Algorithmic Penalty Link Scoring

The Disavow File 

Any links that aren't successfully removed during the outreach process will then be added to a comprehensive disavow file - designed to show Google that you know exactly which links are responsible for your site-wide penalty, while demonstrating that you do not want to be associated with them in future.

Although less effective than having the offending links removed, a comprehensive disavow file will help to expedite the process of penalty removal, as long as it's not used as a complete replacement for the link removal process that needs to be undertaken whenever your site suffers from a Google penalty.

Case Study

Iconic Watches

Iconic Watches received an penalty from Google in 2012 for
unnatural links pointing to their website. The company tried to remove the Google
penalty in house, but after five months, decided
to look for another company to assist. 

Iconic Watches Manual Penalties

Their Need

Iconic Watches approached us in April 2013 to assist in removing the manual penalty they had received from Google. The drop in organic rankings (including complete removal of their brand name from Google) had caused a considerable loss of revenue to their business and with 15 members of staff employed in a very competitive niche, it was vital to start the recovery process as quickly as possible. 

Our Solution

We first started by finding the cause of the penalty. At the time, Google had not launched their manual actions tab, so we had to audit the Iconic Watches backlink profile to determine if links were the cause of the issue. Straight away, we identified a series of forum profiles, blog comments and article spam which needed to be removed. We then put together a plan of action to remove all of the spam and carried out the work using the following process:

how we did it

Backlink Data Collection

Over the years, we have refined our process to become quicker and more efficient. We start by collecting backlink data from a minimum of five data sources. This data is then collected, de-duplicated and ordered ready for us to audit. 

Link Auditing

We then take the backlinks and split these into batches. Using various methods, we manually reviewed each and every URL pointing to the Iconic Watches website to determine whether this fell within Google's Webmaster guidelines. If there was any doubt, the links were marked for removal. 

Contact Finding & Outreach

Once auditing was completed, we needed to find contact details for each of the webmasters. We then contacted each webmaster multiple times to remove the links, set them to nofollow and if unsuccessful, added the links to a disavow file ready for reconsideration.

And the result?

Penalty Revoked! 

On the 8th of October 2013, the penalty for Iconic Watches was successfully revoked. We had a couple of unsuccessful reconsiderations prior to this, but as per our original terms, we continued with the campaign in order to remove the penalty. Traffic to the website immediately started to increase and the client became visible in the organic search results again. 

A surge in traffic 

In the two month period following the penalty being lifted, the Iconic Watches website saw a 535% increase in traffic to their website. This increased revenue by 56%. 

Future work 

After removal of the Google penalty, we have continued to work with Iconic Watches on a regular basis to help develop their online requirements. 

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