After launching another successful online store with Pinpoint Designs, Candle Bags UK set us the challenge of developing an online ecommerce store along with an email marketing template to enable them to email customers with regular promotions and updates.

We started on their website by creating all their branding and creating a beautiful website that stood out against the competition. Once the clients were happy with the store, we implemented it with Cubecart, an online system that our client had used previously on numerous occasions. Various modifications were made to the core system in order to ensure that Candle Bags UK had a store that was optimised and suited their exact requirements.

We then moved onto their Email Campaign Templates. Candle Bags UK wanted the ability to be able to send out regular email promotions to their clients, so using our in-house mailing system, we created a template that enabled the client to update content, images and email subscribers, and then mail them out without any knowledge of HTML, CSS etc.

If you’d like to see their store, visit Candle Bags UK »