Double TWO

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration

The project

The tale of Double TWO began in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, during the Second World War. Discovering that on return from war many men had instead become accustomed to wearing loose-collar shirts, they formed a patent that would change the shirt industry forever. The Double TWO shirt was born and soon featured in blockbuster hits including James Bond classics of the 60’s.

To this day, Double TWO remain well-known for their quality men’s and women’s shirts but in times of rapid change, they had ambitions to modernise the heritage brand while staying true to their roots. Critical to achieving this was the creation of an authentic digital experience that embodied the spirit of Double TWO supported by a futureproofed eCommerce solution that would support their growth. That’s where team Pinpoint came in.

Double TWO had a vision…

Clear on what needed to be achieved, the focus of this project was to migrate away from the now EOL Magento 1 in a quick and cost-effective way to reduce the associated risks. Magento 2 was the platform of choice to provide a scalable and flexible eCommerce solution that could support their growth ambitions. With a limited budget and tight delivery timescale, this was an ideal project for our Accelerator. 

Getting to market fast with Accelerator

More functionality for your money and with a faster time to market, Accelerator by Pinpoint allowed Double TWO to migrate quickly and within budget so that they could remain focused on growing their business.

The front end of the website was built using a theme tailored to Double TWO’s brand. With more and more traffic coming from mobile devices, a mobile-first design and build was crucial that would allow their customers to make fast and easy purchases. The core theme used during Accelerator is highly flexible, allowing us to alter the layout as needed while saving money by avoiding building out a custom theme or doing any large customisations.

The majority of the project budget was then able to support the data migration of all their products, customers and orders over to the new site, the development of custom extensions and the process of actually building and deploying the new website. Small customisations were also made to better the solution including the implementation of product page changes to make them more fashion orientated.

Modernising a traditional brand’s online experience  

Due to costing and timescale restrictions, the initial site was an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) with the flexibility to build upon it to support future growth. Modernising their brand online and ensure website manageability, integration and automation of key eCommerce processes ensures scalability while reducing reliance on human intervention. 

Double TWO’s internal ERP system, AS400, manages their stock, customer orders and purchase orders. Integrating with this system, stock update feeds create product listings that push through to the site. Alongside this, we also integrated with DPD’s Click & Collect service making pick up and ship to shop viable options for Double TWO’s customers.  

Payment processing was also considered as part of the project. We proposed Braintree to reduce the cost of PayPal transactions and the total cost of ownership thanks to Braintree being updated whenever Magento is. Braintree also supports multiple currencies in a simpler way, meaning the addition of other currencies to the site in future will be cheaper and faster to implement. 

Finally, a static store lookup page was featured as part of the MVP. This contains all the information about their stores including maps and has the ability to add search for locating the nearest store to a user in the future.  

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