Custom Plugs

Shopify Plus to Magento 2 Commerce Migration

The Brief

Custom Plugs, a growing Leeds based online retailer of alternative body jewellery, were struggling to scale-up their business using their Shopify+ website. They needed an attractive, user-friendly site that not only showcased their expanding product range, but also provided them with longevity, whilst allowing them to conduct business across multiple countries with simple admin to easily monitor orders and process payments. 

  • Unify three country-specific stores on one platform
  • Provide customers with a streamlined and conversion-friendly user experience
  • Integrate with conversion-boosting extensions like Klevu
  • Provide advanced stock control options
  • Facilitate a streamlined pick, pack and dispatch process via a custom-built shipping system


“Custom Plugs ruled out Shopify early on…Magento offered so many more options for showcasing their products to their customers.”



We delivered a website that showcased the beauty of Custom Plugs products following only 71 days of development. A simplified navigation and interactive content resulted in a site that’s both visually appealing and user friendly. eCommerce conversions increased by 59% (from 2.68% to 4.56%) and revenue has increased by 139% in the first 12 months since its launch in September 2017.

Alongside the initial go-live, two additional site-mirrors were launched for Europe and the USA giving Custom Plugs an international presence. This was essentially 3 Shopify Plus websites into one Magento Commerce build. All three sites can be easily managed from one simple admin panel, allowing them to manage and update every aspect of their business quickly and efficiently.

  • Page views increased around 56.27%
  • Users now spend 2 minutes and 7 seconds longer onsite
  • Average pages viewed per session is up 10.72%
  • Bounce rate is down to 29.94% from 45.92%

User feedback has been extremely positive with the site now described as being more appealing and easier to operate. The introduction of a loyalty points scheme also helped increase repeat purchases by approximately 15% year to date.


After assessing user features, site functionality and manageability requirements, Magento Commerce was identified as the appropriate platform to streamline the user experience and provide advanced functionality such as stock control, currency and languages.

User testing saw a group of randomly selected users test the old website, suggesting improvements with detailed feedback collated. This fuelled the site planning, providing a list of considerations to be incorporated within the build. To ensure customers would be offered the best possible experience, significant discovery work was undertaken to benchmark competitor sites within the same niche market.

Custom Plugs - Shopify Plus to Magento 2 Commerce Migration


User experience was paramount to Custom Plugs and this was improved through the addition of unique interactive functionalities such as roll-over product tiles and a ‘Look Book’ to showcase Custom Plugs products. A custom ‘Best Sellers’ module drawing from the back-end to populate a carousel of each site users most frequently purchased items and the new ‘Share your Style’ social feature allowed customers to upload their photos to win competitions and giveaways. With significant Instagram interaction across the customer base, Custom Plug’s Instagram feed was also integrated.

Artistic imagery with high-contrast, modern design was combined to produce a site which delivered high visual impact, and mirrored the creative, authentic image of their audience.

Additional key features incorporated to improve UX included:

  • Two-step ‘Quick Buy’ checkout process allowing users to quickly select their size of product and add to basket
  • Klevu search integration to process natural language increasing accuracy of onsite search results through the ability to better understand search intent
  • Uniquely designed pages for dedicated sections of the website
  • A home page that provides intuitive, hassle-free access to the most popular parts of the site
  • New payment methods such as Amazon Pay and Android Pay were explored; 76% of users now come from mobile devices

Efficiency improvements were tackled to enable Custom Plugs to more effectively handle and process orders. Providing advanced stock control, a custom shipping system was built to streamline the ‘pick, pack and dispatch’ process. Now orders can be tracked from start to finish via their website and shipping costs are automatically worked out, generating export sheets for their couriers.

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