Custom Plugs :: Shopify Plus to Magento Commerce Migration

The Brief

Custom Plugs approached us because they’d outgrown their old Shopify+ website, and were looking for a platform that would allow them to scale quickly. They wanted an attractive and user-friendly site that would allow them to conduct business in multiple countries, without the need to log into different admin panels every time they wanted to check their orders or process a payment.

Custom plugs were also keen to move towards a platform that could integrate with their own internal shipping and handling processes. After our initial discovery work, we pitched them a bespoke Magento 2 Commerce site, built from the ground up to:

  • Unify 3 distinct, country-specific stores on one platform
  • Provide customers with a streamlined & conversion-friendly user experience
  • Allow for the integration of powerful, conversion-boosting extensions like Klevu
  • Provide advanced stock control options
  • Enable a streamlined pick, pack and dispatch process via a custom build shipping system

We also pitched a complete overhaul of the site’s design to improve user flow, and boost conversion rates. Competition for the build was fierce, but our design-led approach, and Magento’s impressive OOTB (out-of-the-box) capabilities won out over a range of competing options, including a custom build solution, Kentico EMS and a Drupal Commerce build.

The Work

Starting work on the Custom Plugs site, we made perfecting the design our first priority. We knew that improving the overall user experience was an important goal for Custom Plugs, and we wanted to create something that would showcase some of the brands’ most exciting product and lifestyle imagery.

Custom Plugs - Shopify Plus to Magento 2 Commerce Migration

We also designed unique roll-over states for product tiles. These tiles allowed us to retain the sleek, minimalist design cues that we were trying to showcase, while still providing customers with plenty of opportunities to interact with the products.

A new lookbook helped to showcase the brands’ most attractive items, and we also designed a custom ‘best sellers’ module that draws in data from the backend to populate a carousel full of site-member’s most frequently purchased items.

Once our design work was finalised, it took just 71 days to get the site up and running. We built in full Klevu integration from the word go, and also implemented a custom pick, pack and dispatch app that would allow Custom Plugs to track every stage of the order process via their website. The new site also allowed Custom Plugs to automatically work out shipping on orders, and generate export sheets for their couriers.

2 international mirrors were launched soon after, and Custom Plugs are now running all three of their stores from a single, easy-to-use admin panel that’s designed to manage every aspect of the sales process.

The Results

Since the site launched in September 2017, eCommerce conversion rate has increased by 33% and overall, month-on-month revenue is up by 28% too.

Interaction from organic traffic has also improved: People now spend approximately 2 minutes and 7 seconds more on the site, bounce rate is down to 28.94% and the average pages per session is up 10.72%.

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