The relevance and quality of followers as well as the number of them you have is a very important part of Twitter and increasing your presence can give you significant leverage. So, how do you do so? Well, we take a look at how to do so.


Your profile helps you target the followers you want and an up to date bio is very important here. Make sure you have a good bio picture, showcase interests and offer a detailed description of what you’re about. Remember, Twitter is not just about increasing follower numbers; it’s also about relevant followers.

Following people that are relevant to your industry and you, often results in them following you back. These people will then be more prone to retweets and you can bet that a lot of their followers are involved in similar industries to yours and may befriend and retweet you too via Twitter.

Schedule and Be Regular

The number of businesses on Twitter that simply don’t use it to anywhere near its fullest potential is notably large. The key to increasing your Twitter influence is to post regularly and to post well. Scheduling tweets can really help you get on top of this and sites such as HootSuite and others offer significant benefits here. With these tools you can create tweets to go live at a later date – something that’s very advantageous. Of course, don’t forget to tweet naturally too, not all tweeting can be achieved via scheduling.


Being there is not enough anymore; engaging is what counts. Just having a presence is not enough and you will need to make the most of your social media. Actively engaging in a meaningful manner, retweeting and sending out quality content and actively replying to others will help significantly. In short Twitter is like a dinner party and being social and interesting is the best way to gain friends.


Understanding and mastering the #hashtag is essential if you want to use twitter and soon Facebook too it seems. In essence, the hashtag is used to infer the main topic of the tweet is and also if used regularly the general topics you tweet about. Don’t stuff tweets with keywords, two is usually enough per tweet, and this will help to attract followers.

Twitter Everything

If people don’t know that you’re on Twitter, then they won’t be able to join you. Add your Twitter handle to everything that you use for contact – from your email, to your business cards, to your other social media accounts. This will allow others to see that you are on the social network and they can join you on Twitter.


Post quality, relevant links to both your articles and also industry relevant articles that offer value to your targeted audience. By curating quality content, you are sure to create interest in your account and also your website and brand – something that can bring a lot of positives your way.
Twitter offers significant potential for business if treated right and can really and truly benefit your business in a number of manners.