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  1. RAR Award Winner Events

    Pinpoint Wins Ecommerce Award at the 2016 RAR Digital Awards

    We’re excited to announce that our hard work over the past year has been recognised by one of the industry’s leading awards bodies, the Recommended Agencies Register. At the RAR Digital Awards, held at The Lancaster in London, we won the award for Ecommerce in the Under 40 Staff category. Demonstrating the breadth of talent…

  2. Pinpoint Designs RAR Finalists Events

    We’ve Been Shortlisted for 4 RAR Digital Awards

    We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for four different RAR Digital awards, including: Best eCommerce agency with under 40 staff Most effective agency with under 40 staff Best client service by an agency with under 40 staff Best strategic thinking by an agency with under 40 staff The RAR Digital awards…

  3. Kick-Ass Magento Frontend Workflow Guides

    Kick-Ass Magento Frontend Workflow

    In my time as a frontend developer, I have used a great many different tools for the job, starting off with simple text editors like Notepad or vim, to larger commercial tools such as Dreamweaver. They provided me what I needed at the time, but now the web is getting bigger by the minute and…

  4. IRX 2016 – The Pinpoint Point of View Events

    IRX 2016 – The Pinpoint Experience

    If you’re following us on social media, you’ll know that we attended last month’s Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) at the NEC in Birmingham. While we were there, our very own Robin Adams decided to put together a short video – documenting the time that we spent there, and providing all of our clients and friends…

  5. An Essential Guide to Card Sorting Guides

    An Essential Guide to Card Sorting

    As businesses scramble to shine online, user experience (UX) has never been more important. Creating a website that is engaging, functional and easy to navigate on any device has become a hallmark of quality web design. Your site map is a crucial component when building this experience – but how do you determine the best…

  6. Magento Imagine 2016 – Deep Dive Sessions Events

    Magento Imagine 2016 – Deep Dive Sessions

    Magento Imagine 2016 is finally over after waiting months for it to start. It exceeded our expectations as always, and we are already looking forward for next year’s conference! There were some exciting announcements, such as: The new marketplace for M2 extensions. Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition. Magento 2.1 with a lot of new exciting features (Launching in June…

  7. Magento Imagine Awards – Shortlisted for ‘Best eCommerce Launch’ Client updates

    Magento Imagine Awards – Shortlisted for ‘Best eCommerce Launch’

    One of Our Websites Has Been Shortlisted For a Magento Imagine Award! Every year, Magento host their Imagine Excellence awards to celebrate the innovative use of their market-leading eCommerce platform. These awards recognise a number of different achievements, and are designed to showcase work from some of the industry’s most talented agencies. This year, we’ve…

  8. Magento and BEM Methodology Guides

    Magento and BEM Methodology

    When I started my first forays into web development, I was using tables for layout – don’t shoot me, this was in 1994! I then took on some work whilst in school that introduced me to <div> and style specific coding. At this time, it was inline, but everyone has to start somewhere. After University…

  9. T’was The Night Before Site Launch – A Magento Poem In the office

    T’was The Night Before Site Launch – A Magento Poem

    Christmas is rather quickly approaching, signifying the closing in of another great year here at Pinpoint Designs. We’ve been getting in to the Christmas spirit, and decided this year to write a version of a Christmas classic, with a different flavour of course. Pinpoint Designs proudly present to you, “T’was The Night Before Site Launch”….

  10. Magento CE patch SUPEE-6788 – Custom Blocks Issue Guides

    Magento CE patch SUPEE-6788 – Custom Blocks Issue

    Issue description: After installing Magento CE security patch SUPEE-6788, some of custom blocks on the front page have disappeared. The reason is simple: With the latest security patch, Magento has added new restrictions in the blockDirective method in the Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template_Filter class to now check to see if the block type that needs to be displayed is allowed inside a new…

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