We’re  proud to announce that Australian Vaporizers have selected our agency to manage their on and off-site SEO – delivering maximum exposure on all major search engines by earning high-quality links from relevant industry site, and carefully optimizing all on-site signals to ensure full compliance with Google’s own optimization guidelines.

This announcement comes after Pinpoint Designs helped the company to remove a Google penalty that was caused by an algorithmic update in the early months of 2013.

These algorithmic penalties are becoming an increasingly common problem for many eCommerce websites, and removing them often means a new lease of life as far as SERP rankings and organic traffic are concerned. They’re normally parceled out because Google’s guidelines on good SEO practice have become more rigid, and previously acceptable link-building strategies have become spam signals in so far as people like Matt Cutts and other members of Google’s web spam team are concerned.

Unfortunately, the practice of removing links to counteract a penalty can often impact upon a website’s ability to regain lost ground on critical SERP pages, which is why it’s often necessary to engage in more holistic and sustainable SEO in the aftermath of a penalty removal, particularly if you want your website to start benefiting from the same level of traffic that you’ve previously experienced.

About Australian Vaporizers

Australian Vaporizers are one of Australia’s foremost aromatherapy equipment suppliers, and are currently the largest supplier of aromatherapy vaporizers in the country, which makes them a really exciting client for us to work with.

Australia is brand new territory for us – un-trodden ground, but we’re confident that the sustainable content marketing strategies that we’ve utilized with our pre-existing clients will help us to make really strong inroads in so far as Australian Vaporizers’ rankings are concerned, and we’re fully confident that we can deliver some really fantastic results over the course of the next 6 months.

Our SEO services have morphed a lot over the previous year; growing in response to Google’s changing attitudes towards formerly common place tactics like guest blogging to leverage newer, more exciting strategies, and we’re now really proud of the service that we’re able to offer our clients, both in terms of the overall sustainability of our techniques, and the incredible results that these selfsame techniques generate.

If you’re interested in learning more about the unique ways in which we strive to deliver enhanced digital exposure, remember that you can always reach us using the contact form on our SEO services page, or by calling us on 01423 740 152.