Adobe Commerce Q3 Mid-Quarter Release: What’s New?

As part of their Q3 Mid-Quarter Release (MQR), Adobe have announced a bunch of new features and performance metrics for us to get stuck into.

If you’re on Adobe Commerce, you’ll now have access to search capabilities fueled by AI and a strengthened Security Scan Tool that supports PWA stores. Alongside this, new performance benchmarks are also being introduced that highlight the value of recent platform updates.

Let’s explore these new features a little more…

Live Search

Between 30 to 60 percent of visitors use site search. It’s a critical touchpoint of a buying journey and a shopper using site search is often an indication of a high intent buyer too. Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei is now exclusively available for Adobe Commerce merchants, meaning you can better leverage the interest of users using Live Search tools to fulfil their search intent.

Combining the capabilities of Adobe Sensei AI with commerce data, Live Search delivers relevant search results while simplifying the back-end processes. An API-first headless service makes deployment easy with Graph QL and Java Script SDK options.

Using Live Search, merchants are equipped to craft rich and relevant search experiences within the Adobe Commerce admin. Powerful tools include:

  • Intelligent Faceting: Adobe Sensei automatically picks the best filters for each search query to drive a stronger conversion rate.
  • Merchandising Rules: This allows merchants to boost, bury, pin or hide products to optimise site search results.
  • Synonym Management: A handy little tool, synonym management enables merchants to define one- or two-way relationships between search terms to help generate more relevant results.
  • Category Browse: Live Search can be used to help power category browse instead of category taxonomy.

Performance update

Ensuring Adobe Commerce is always performing at its best, Adobe’s performance engineering team has been running comprehensive performance benchmarks on Adobe Commerce 2.4.2 on a Cloud Pro 144 instance. These benchmarks are based on typical day-to-day store activities by customers and merchants.

The results are in, and they show a significant performance gain when compared to Adobe Commerce 2.3.2. Here are the highlights:

  • 500% orders per hour improvement from 1.7K/hour to 10.5K/hour
  • 300% un-cached pageviews improvement from 150K/hour to 600K/hour
  • Average REST API response remained below 300ms. This essentially means the amount of time it takes the server to respond and provide the requested information.

Security update

This free Security Scan Tool plays a key role in Adobe’s strategy to support Adobe Commerce merchants in monitoring their stores for security risks, malware and unauthorised access. In a recent survey conducted by Adobe, it was found that over 75 percent of merchants using the tool have made changes to their storefronts based on issues identified by the Security Scan Tool.

Adobe encourages all merchants to enable Security Scan on their storefronts as it can identify:

  • Potential malware and vulnerabilities
  • Out-of-date security patches
  • Potentially vulnerable extensions
  • Digital skimming injections
  • Security misconfigurations

With over 21,000 threat signatures to check against and 550 new signatures added monthly, the Security Scan Tool enables merchants to gather real-time insights into their store’s security status.

Is your eCommerce store prepared?

Preparations for the peak shopping season are just around the corner. As you get ready for the busiest time of the year and growing online sales, it’s important to get the most out of your eCommerce store.

Checking out Adobe Commerce’s new features and upgrading to the latest version will help to ensure a secure, fast and enjoyable shopping experience for your customers. If you want advice on upgrades or how to make the most of Adobe Commerce’s functionality, get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to chat with you.