We’d like to extend a very warm welcome to the newest member of our team – Alex Bussey – a dedicated SEO expert with a keen interest in content marketing & PPC.

Given the recent updates that Google has been making to its core ranking algorithms over the past few months, we really wanted to add someone with a sound knowledge of sustainable SEO to the team; someone who could help us to transition towards a more content-orientated model, and someone who could start curating the in-depth, share-worthy articles that Google and Bing’s bots want to see.

We also wanted to introduce someone that could handle some of the PPC work that we do for clients like Janie Wilson and Specialised Covers; mainly because we’re seeing increased demand for these services as we move into the latter half of 2014.

Alex has the perfect skill set for both of these tasks, and we’re sure that he’ll quickly become an integral part of our team!

More About Alex

Alex has a lot of experience with both SEO & PPC. After graduating from Leeds University with a BA in English Literature, he worked for the Daily Telegraph for a brief time, before taking on the role of digital marketing manager for a small, family run business in Scotland.
Here, he learnt to optimise web pages, build high-quality links and curate the kind of content that engaged audiences actually want to share with their friends and followers – skills that he’ll be brining to bear on our SEO campaigns over the coming months.

When he’s not reading about the latest developments in digital marketing, Alex likes to sail boats, play bass guitar and cook pretentious-sounding meals.