The number of sites built with WordPress is increasingly large. The free platform offers a fantastic opportunity for building and design and can be suitable for high performing sites that look extremely impressive.

One of the main factors in the site’s popularity is the number of extremely useful plug-ins that can be easily added and offer excellent opportunities for the fullest optimisation. So, let’s take a look at the best plug-ins for WordPress.

W3 Total Cache

One of the deciding factors OF whether people will follow through your site is speed. The faster the site, the fewer people will get irritated and decide to leave. Slow speeds mean higher abandonment rates and using a high quality plug-in for caching the site speeds up load time immensely. W3 Cache offers full control of caching and plenty of optimisation options.


This great SEO plug-in can really allow you to optimise your content to the fullest and in doing so gives you each and every advantage available to help you climb those SERPs. It offers you advice on what to include and provides you with a SEO score for the page, allowing you to see where you can improve.

WP Touch

With the rise in mobile consumption comes the need for sites to be optimised for mobile use and this is the plug-in to do this. WP Touch is easily installed and allows you to make your site considerably more mobile friendly. It creates a smoother running site that smart phone and tablet users will more than enjoy using.


This is another great app that has its benefits in the mobile world, as well as the desktop browsing area. Toggler allows users to hide and show different parts of their site and so makes it simple to find what’s necessary and of interest and what isn’t. This decreases the length of content on screen, as well as the amount of scrolling needed.

Gravity Forms

Gravity forms is excellent because it allows you to build complex page forms that have an if this then that approach. It also allows you to take orders and take payments via your site.


Of course, sites blogs have to endure all sorts of spam comments and Askimet is a great plug-in to prevent this. It runs comments through its complex algorithm and will then notify you if it deems one suspicious.

Google XML Site Map

Of course, another necessity is the Google SiteMap, as without it you may as well be running a race on one leg. This XML Site Map plug in creates a map of the site for Google’s crawlers, allowing them to access all content.

Digg Digg

Because of the sheer number of sharing plugins, it can be hard to pick one. However, Digg Digg is among the very best and allows an array of configurations, and also includes a number of social media buttons.

WordPress Plugins come and go, however currently these are the cream of the crop and provide you with much of what you need to make that your WordPress site its best.